Sunday, May 17


Artwork by Seraphina Devlin

To anyone still listening. 

Much has changed since the last time I posted here. 

Since then I have changed my focus from fashion to painting and art, which is not that far of a leap to the more open of minds, and I have been working on refining my technique and style in this new art form (see above). 
Since practically going on a permanent hiatus from this blog, new ideas for blog posts, mostly focused on the analyzation of artwork rather than fashion, have crept into my mind and I have been eager to share them with you guys. 

So to anyone who is genuinely interested, my new blog, which is like a website for my art under the pseudonym of Seraphina Devlin, is at 

The blog is still in a rough stage so I won't be posting that often at the moment, but go check it out. 
I would also like to take the time to thank everyone who has been through and seen this blog over the years, all your comments and page views meant a lot, and this little slice of the web that was mine will always be a part of who I am. 

Etant Moi = Being Me 
now the former me 
(the above two lines = so corny I should write hallmark cards =)

Thank you again. 

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