Monday, December 31

I was Expecting "2012" to Happen and Now I am Left to Make Resolutions

This post is all about showing you quotes on pictures, the pictures have no relation to the quotes, which represent my New Year's resolutions.  

Source of this quote: Looking for Alaska By John Green
I should have sucked the marrow out of 2012.
 I should have lived everyday as if "2012" was going to actually happen. 
Well obviously the Apocalypse did not occur and i am now left to reflect on 2012 and what a "joyful" experience it was for me.
Let's put it lightly 2012 was dreadful. It was a complete utter replica of 2011 (besides the fact that i made this lovely blog which is definitely put a silver lining to 2012) , I went through the same "teen" problems that i went through in 2011 the only difference being that 2012 put them on a much more severe scale. 
I spent the year trying to rebound and also trying not to loose my temper at myself. 
My first resolution for the "New Year" is too make sure that its not as shitty as 2012 (= !

I think way to much. 
I think way too much about the littlest things, I over analyze them as if they're the most important decisions i will ever make in my entire life. 
My second resolution is to think less and not make a pro and con chart in my head for why or why not i should eat pizza over dumplings for lunch.  

source of the quote: Looking for Alaska by John Green 

When i think about the best day of my life my mind draws a blank picture. I always think that the best day of my life is some day on the beach with my family but i have had that day on the beach on numerous occasions it is not one secluded day. 
I don't have a single day that i can think of that is extra-ordinary from all the other days i have lived. 
I wish in the upcoming year to find that "best day of my life (so far)" and to stop thinking it hasn't happened yet. 

source for this quote: Looking for Alaska By John Green
I want to scorch the ground with my intensity. 
2012 seemed to be a year where i was just riding a wave that constantly pushed me down i had no time to form "streaks" that i would have wished to maintain, no time to be extraordinary because 2012 seemed to be the year i was drowning just trying to get some relief. 
I hope in 2013 to be a person "who (will) scorch the ground with their intensity"  

source of the quote: The perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephan Chbosky

Have you ever wondered if these are the best days of your life? 
Well that is certainly a question Charlie from the book Perks of Being a Wallflower has pondered over. 
Well i just see it as an excuse to live your life to the fullest because what if these are your glory days
So that leads to our 5th resolution, my desperate need to make sure that i live each day to the fullest because i want to look back on my teen years and think that they did not suck that badly (but hopefully these years are not my glory days because that would be quite depressing).

In 2012 i started this blog and in 2013 i hope to achieve greater things.

Now i leave you with a quote that i made up about that pesky hope of being Great one day. 

Happy New Year, 
"And may the odds be ever in your Favor"
-Effie Trinket (The Hunger Games) 

Monday, December 24

Long Time No Post

And speaking of a long time these photos were taken quite awhile ago. 
They're from a Monet Garden Exhibit that took place at the New York Botanical Garden, which was enchanting!    
 Happy Christmas eve!!
Now take a look at the gardens in my perception!

What I wore: Boots and Jacket- Idk, Shear Dress: Free People, Polka Dot Dress- Vintage, Turtleneck- Simliar one here.

Tuesday, December 11

Iekeliene Stange

While going through the endless amount of  editorials that are posted on the blog Fashion Gone Rogue 
I fell upon An editorial done by Baku Magazine (December issue).
While trying to click on photographer Kerry Dean's link I accidentally clicked on the model  Iekeliene Stange's link. Something i would totally do. 
I probably spent an hour scanning and viewing the previous editorials Iekeliene had done only to discover that she was a high cheek boned model, who models. 
So i decided to waste more time by searching Iekiliene up on google because i really didn't want to study for that math test and in my opinion finding out who this model is, is much more important then finding out what y equals
So being me i searched her up on google because google has the weirdest name out of all the search engines and i like that about Google.

(below are some collaged images of Iekeliene's appearance for Baku magazine) 


And what i found is my new favorite model (if it is possible to have a model that you feel is superior then any other model). 
To her awesome introvert sense of style with it's clownish edge, to one of the most memorable and touching moments i have ever seen on the runway, she took off her Lucite Marc Jacobs sandals mid runway, i know she was just like "hey i will just take off these heels off because hey they are giving me blisters". And to make matters better her personal style icon is not one of those memorable stars from the 20th century but the Princess Snow White!   

But the real reason i love Iekeliene Stange is not because her pairing of that velvet jacket with those thrifted Doc Martins is an utterly a "to die for" look, but the true reason i love her is because she is not like any model in this day and age. She does not wear leather pants with a perfect white t-shirt like many models do so that the people hiring them know what their bodies look like. She dresses the way she wants too, no matter if their is a modeling gig up for grabs. She dresses for her own comfort and isn't that what dressing is all about   

Saturday, December 8

Sticker Face

Sorry about my lack of posts lately i have been bombarded by a whale size amount of homework, and exams (and also a nasty little cold). 
Well enough about me i know that no one likes to hear a girl who just complains about the amount of school work she has. So moving onto that lovely little outfit posted above, where i am giving you a real whatever stare
I bet you have noticed that my face is covered in stickers. 
I know at first those stickers either look like a severe form of acne or a colorful form of the extinct disease small pox but i guarantee you that they are stickers. I let a 7 year old place her valuable sticker collection all over my face. 
When making this outfit i was going for the whole edgy witch look. 
Dressed in all black, a leather jacket, and paired up with all my dramatic jewelry, i felt pretty confident that i had achieved such a look. 
But all was to be ruined by the under the sea themed stickers placed everywhere on my face including my not yet pierced earlobes that turned me from an edgy gal to sticker face. 

I would be lying by saying that i hate the sticker look for ruining my edgy swagger but i really love the stickers. 
Maybe when I'm older instead of wearing makeup I'll just wear a bunch of stickers. 
The only complaint i have on the sticker makeup look is that stickers are way worst then cheap mascara, they fall off at the slightest bead of sweat. So maybe i should invest in some extra sticky stickers, if there is such a thing. But for now i like leaving a sticker trail where ever i go. 
So i am beginning to rabble, a bit, but to conclude this post, i think the sticker thing just proves to me that i could never work the edgy side of fashion because my love for color self will always shine through whether in the form of underwater sea creature themed stickers or something else that i bet would be equally as wacko.      

Thursday, November 29

Polaroid Fever

I have been finding the works of Robin Black (who does the photography + make up) to be extremely inspiring. Her Polaroid images of just the head of the model look more like the vintage head shots from an old model agency. 
Robin Black is not the only one that has been fond of the old Polaroid it seems with the rise of such apps as instagram where you make your pictures look like there from those days when pictures were anything but crystal clear it seems like everyone has old camera fever. No wonder a Polaroid camera is on the top of my Christmas list this year.