Sunday, July 29

if i went to Hogwarts

Ever since my pointer finger and thumb latched onto the first page of the first Harry Potter book book (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) i have been hooked like really hooked to the point one year for Halloween i frizzed up my hair and carried a wizard book with me and went as Hermione Granger (i also talked in a British accent) and also to prove i am an active supporter of my religion while fighting the urge to fall into a deep slumber i watched the last movie (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2) at midnight (i also dressed up for this even, pictures will never be revealed). Harry Potter unleashed the very geeky Hermione side of me to the point that if i was asked any trivia question on the subject i would answer correctly ever time. I have also read each of the books at least 3 times and have watched each of the movies a dozen times each (at least ) wow i am ashamed. Sooo you can say i have a little bit of an obsession which i like to call a religion but that's OK.
But the only problem that occurs with my relationship with the Harry Potter series is that of those hideous Hogwarts Uniforms known as robes so i dedicated much of my valued time to create a new uniform for the magical students of Hogwarts (the uniform is what i would wear to Hogwarts ignoring the dress code)

do you know in french Voldemort means flight of death

And now hold the applause i bestow now upon you grateful muggle the uniform i would wear to Hogwarts most days because let's face it i can't wear the same thing for a few hours let alone a whole year. Let's face it a day
So let's break it down, 
Hogwarts robes draped dramatically over shoulders- my Halloween costume from 3 years ago you can get it here if your that big of a geek that you need a Hogwarts uniform to reenact the famous scene wear Hermione punches Malfoy in his pale face "take that you pureblood"
White professional looking pants- (J.crew) a staple in an British muggle's closet because you need some fancy day wear to match that fancy accent.
Cream colored cardigan- (hand me down) because adding a little British couture can't hurt.
Green Utility vest- (J.crew similar one here) i just felt like Man-ing it up a bit 
Dress tucked into Schoolish white pants- (free people) tucking in something gives a very "school approved look"
wand held all voldemortish in right hand- (Ollivanders) My wand contains one crimson phoenix feather 
(this "wand" is legally a chopstick that has chopsticked many find meals of noodles)

And now below enjoy the "uniform" without all that reading surrounding it and also enjoy me staring blankly at the camera.

And now onto the one of many things i over do in life accessories.
#1 is a medal i won from playing Quiditch (because sticking a broom in between my legs like a horse has been one of my favorite pass times since i was little muggle) 
#2 is my lame attempt at making a deathly hallows symbol as you can see i only got the circle part down (Resurrection stone)
#3 my cool locket that turns back time if closed (because all wizards need a magical thing around there neck) 

And now below you can see my Forever 21  tights turned socks adding a preppy vibe with its brethren the heeled oxfords (Francesca's collections) because nothing says British more then oxfords.

And now view this beautiful picture of me staring down at my dog 

Sunday, July 15

The no-name lookbook

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source: Studded Hearts

Blank colors, leather harnesses, ankle booties, Transparent (everything), and weird geometric skirts that reminds me of what Tarzan wears to cover his area, and then i ask you whats not to love. 

But we have a mystery amongst us I don't know who created this marvelous lookbook that challenges all other lookbooks.

If anyone has any idea who made this lookbook it would be much obliged if you speak up. 

thanks (=


Friday, July 13

The Thirteenth

Headband- shoelaces, Jacket thingy- Vintage (my aunts), dress- free people,

How has your Friday the Thirteenth going?
Have you have an overwhelming amount of bad luck?
Or are you a rebel who has been having the luckiest day of there life?
Well my day has been...............
To the point that i want everything under the sun that is unlucky to come falling down on me (but not literally {that would be painful}) forming a nice Disney channel original film where everything works out at the end and, and i learn an obvious life lesson And you have just wasted 2 hours on watching an utterly predictable film.
but still its better then the utter boredom i have been feeling.

Any suggestions on how to turn my day upside down and into that nice Disney movie would much be obliged.

(This was an utterly pointless post by yours truly)


Tuesday, July 10

hairspiration: Rocha Braids

such a boho chic hair statment of criss crossing hair strands.
so when i fell upon John Rocha's Fall 2011 show i was not obsessing over the clothes (that had suttle accents of menswear) i was obsessing over the hair. Which as you can see is a bunch of little braids mixed in with some bigger ones with one big side part and don't forget my favorite part the braid headband which is a french braid made on the side part that is long enough to cross over on to the other side where you shall casually pin it and wha la a braid headband.
The end result should leave you looking like a more apealing Medusa (minus the snakes)

So i hope you put down the hot tools and take out your fingers for a spin and create a ton of little braids and then
"flip your hair back and forth" 

Friday, July 6

Dear Lady biking Casually in a Dress


first i must say to all you children out there including myself  the above pictures she is not wearing a helmet sooooo shame (and hats,turbans and fros don't count as helmets).
So now that we have that under the rug i must discuss this freak of nature.
Believe it or not i have tried many times without any success. The challenge. 
The Challenge of riding a bike with a dress on.
Its hard when your in the groove hair whipping in the wind your feet pumping up and down, up and down. Your dress, your dress flying with the current of the wind its hard to prevent the inevitable the feeling of your dress leaving your thighs defying gravity then Flashing hot pink undies at a near by streetwalker who  gives you a disgruntled shake of the head or something worst. This is the invitable outcome of 
The Challenge of riding a bike with a dress on.
But while grazing through i found her. Riding her bike with such grace, not once but three times riding the bike 
with a dress on.
But she wants to mock me more in her couture gowns she tops them off with a perfect pairing of accessories and 
those five inch AND UP heels that cause those painful blisters just when you twist your ankle 
this all makes her a freak (of nature). 
and i know what you are all thinking "you can just where biker shorts under your super cute dress" 
but i scream  NO
not to mention spandex shorts are such a Faux pas when it comes to the big F word (not that four letter word no F-A-S-H-I-O-N) and really spandex.
SO now if your out there freaky biker lady 
Tell Me Your Secret (please)
and it better not be that you where biker shorts under those dresses 

P.S. your bike is awesome.

Thursday, July 5

"black and white black and white............."

Source: Stockholm Streetstyle

Hey y'all. 
currently. Right now I am really into modern style which in my mind is just turning modern architecture into something you wear. 
Modern style is very simple and includes geometric shapes and weird different fabrics (ahem leather {which is not that weird unless its in a different color not included into the basic leather family of color [pink]  and the leather is really stiff}, plastic, some really cool see through fabric, and exc.) 
SO the above outfit is soooooooooo modern (in my weird hazel eyes) due the lack of print, basic solid print, that weird stiff leather, and the total lack of any over layering accessories. This outfit which has only 2 colors (another modern accent) black and very little white only seen in the mail letter clutch.
I love this look it makes me want to own more black then the one stitch I have in my closet
and the hint of white in the clutch defiantly a keeper. 
Well now I'm rambling SO i love this look i love the modern look but i am not going modern anytime soon (i can not abandon my layering needs and leather makes me sweat).

below is a similar look but the pop of white is seen in the loose knit (another different fabric) tank top but don't worry i will not be rambling on about this one (=

Source: See by Chloe

Tuesday, July 3

Weird Sad Clown Creepin in an Alleyway

dress- free people, Plaid shirt-idk, shoes- urban outfitters, vest- j.crew, belts around waist-shoelaces, hat-forever 21

I got looks, I must admit. 
                             creepin down a white brick alleyway
                                     as some weird concoction of Johnny Depp meets some hippie  
                                                           my mom said that I resembled a sad clown 
                                                                                                 i think i resemble the mad hatter 
speaking of hats I must have to say this Forever 21 hat which was a perfect cheepie has not left my blond/brunette head since i purchased it. 
now i am in search of a cheap IIndiana Jones hat. 
Any suggestions?