Friday, June 29



The six letter word that influences a massive wave on any women's closet. I have to say that I despise them due to the whole mere fact that trends are just things you chew for a little while, sudden bursts of flavors enter you fashion sense elevating you to high of thinking "ya I am in the know, you jealous" just until a new one comes hopping around and you spit the old, now boring trend out into to that old picture album to laugh at years later. Trends are just pieces of gum. You chew them up when they are still ripe then spit them out when they spoil leaving an ugly black mark on the sidewalk other wise known as the time I got feather extensions. 

But where is the origin of these pieces of gum (they can't just fall from the skies from the fashion gods? 
We all know women who do not have time to scan through thousands of runway shows find trends through magazines like Vogue that are basically telling us what to where and what not to wear (hey in/out column I’m talking to you). But where do these magazines get this "viable" information, which are trends.
Runway Shows. (Bingo)
I will never forget my first viewing out of many of The Devil Wears Prada and the long speech where Miranda Priestly (my favorite character, who wouldn’t side with the devil in this case especially if she wears Prada) rants, after Andy proclaims "there is no difference between those two belts", about how ever little decision (even as little as that belt) in fashion if caches fire produces a rippling effect until that frumpy blue sweater Andy is wearing is touched by high fashion.

"And then cerulean quickly showed up in the collections of eight different designers. And then it, uh, filtered down through the department stores and then trickled on down into some tragic Casual Corner where you, no doubt, fished it out of some clearance bin. "
- Miranda Priestly 

So now when I walk into that Forever 21 store or H and M expecting to get a great deal I am walking into a boatload of trends even though they are way less expensive and toned down then there supreme runway versions but they are still loose forms of trends. 

And so now I can only say there is no way to escape the awful thing that influences so many women, Trends. 
So as much as I hate this we must embrace trends and so below are 3 of my favorite trends for spring summer. (Trends that I think should really not be trends.)

(Oh yay sorry about my random rabbling and the fact that you had to read this as an opener its so long)

Pastels Please

Pastels. Ahhhh pastels such a cliché for the spring but after seeing bright hot neon I guess nice cool pastels are a nice cool relief. And I can't deny the way Valintino, 3.1 Phillip Lim and Louis Vuitton have played their pastels with nice intercut fabrics (with cut out detailing) and simple modern color blocking with pastels. But I have to say pastels are not a trend I’d ever follow because I don't own a stich of pastel and the fact that it's not cohesive with my style but I love seeing pastels in action (even if they are the biggest cliché in the book).  

Flapping back into the 1920s 
with feather boas, drop waist dresses and fringe plenty of fringe we take a blast to the past with viewings of such shows as Ralph Lauren Collection, Gucci, and Marchesa that take us back to those flapper days (hence the title Flapping back into the 1920s). I love this trend because I love the 1920s, classic, beautiful, fringy (is that a word), not to mention the 20s were our first step towards modern fashion. And it is and easy trend to pull off add anything such as a pearl necklace and whala you get your Great Gatsby on.

Baring it All 
But not literally because what has become one of my Favorite trends is that of leaving your inner Britney Spears at the door in favor of just flashing the upper abs. I love this trend because unlike that stupid Vegetable print trend, mostly every woman can wear this flashing trend (to some avail). Just show a little skin between your cropped top and highwaisted skirt and like magic you have a look that is sexy yet formal. 

Now I only have one question how is the same thing seen over and over in the same season on different runway shows? I mean how in the same season/year is a flash of abs featured in both Dolce and Gabbana and Emilio Pucci. Is there some fashion council where fashion designers meet to discuss up coming trends that will be seen in their shows? If so I want in.


Tuesday, June 26

The Fortune Teller in Home Room

What I am Wearing
Dress- Free People 
shoes- Forever 21 
top over dress cause i luv layering- H and M

Inspiration- that weird fortune teller in Harry Potter (other wise known as my idol) 

School is Dismissed (my cool way of saying school is now over) and now looking back on it i wonder now if homeroom is considered a class. All i do in HR is listen to the announcements and then talk to the guy that sits across from me. 
He first looks me up and down with squinted eyes that asses what i only can call my boho shique look then he spits out three little words  "hello fortune teller" (i guess its my whole hippie facade). 
But of course, me ignoring what is a plain insult, decide to embrace this "fortune teller" look he thought i was going for and so began me making up an outfit combined of my idol (creepy lady in the glasses who is an actual fortune teller, coo dos to him maybe i was meant to go into fortune telling after all) with a pinch of modernness (so i wouldn't look like a lonely cat lady). And whala out popped the outfit baby which i wear above. 

Now time for a little chuckle about Harry Potter  (for those who do not find me funny) )=



Wednesday, June 20

Comparing That White Afro to a Lookbook

Photograhy: Blake Jacobsen, Model: Seagahana Wilson (awesome name), Makeup: Kali Kennedy, Styling: Brit Nason 

In there last look book Tunnel Vision took to a white room and paired it with bright popping clothing, tons of makeup, and sticky smile face stickers. Which i could only say i loved it as much as I love the aura of the white flowers sticking on the thin branches of the fat tree that once upon a time stood proudly in my front yard. That tree, During the spring time, is nothing but a white Afro made of the perfect white flowers. Its the the kind of fro you just look at and marvel at and you just extinguish just one word from your amazed lips, wow. But yet the tree in my front yard is venomous to the allergic to pollen nose that unfortunately have. That nose sends me into a fits of sneezes filled drool mucus. That white flowered tree in the spring time is how i describe Tunnel Vision's last look book a wonder filled with green mucus.

But with seasons that tree placed in my front yard changed to a green leafed fluffy thang and that's the same with Tunnel Vision's look books and this season i must say was not mucus filled it was a masterpiece.

Right down to the rock encrusted eyebrows (which i assume are there own little tribute to Chanel's winter show) to the perfect styling and photography that looks like it takes place on dooms day or something, this look book is just wow it leaves your eyes wide open and your mouth left to form an 0 and then you resemble that painting The Scream. This look book leaves you looking like The Scream. wow.
(sorry for my overload of wows)

Also i love that model's hair. It makes me want to get blond extensions dye them some weird vibrant purple/ midnight blue and then whack them into my hair.

Monday, June 18

Why Not Go Prada

What i am wearing 
skirt-J. crew
ripped up top- J.crew
shoes- Urban outfitters
sunglasses- Urban Outfitters similiar ones here
bag- Flea market but here are some good twins  

i despise this hairdo. It is the hairdo i wore as a little girl. Speaking of the past i have proclaimed my outfit inspired by Prada's spring summer 2012 show (that explains the Prada footwear and clothing tattooed all over the pictures). i have some how formed a little bit of a obsession with the race car inspired show since viewing a vintage car show where the cars matched perfectly to that of the flamed covered cars plastered on the clothing in Prada's show. 

The pop of neon, the bear stomach, the short skirt, all are signature looks of the show that i can only describe as a phenomenal interpretation the spirit of the race car and if you just tilt your head and add a dab of the 1960s (thus explaining Twiggy) you have my odd interpretation of Prada's spring 2012 show.


Saturday, June 9


I love how none of these photos match 

Tavi Gevinson, speaking in the above video, is one of the founders to the online magazine Rookie and founder of the blog Style Rookie. She promotes the belief. That no one if perfect and that humans are complex individuals that are all different in there own way and above all be true to your self. These are all things i try to promote on my blog. And she is also a feminist who loves fashion. Love. 

I just love this expression. Don't be surprised
if you see it popping up on my blog it promotes
a "what ya' lookin at" feeling, which to me promotes
individuality and confidence all while remaining
the conctipated stare of a model.

A new movie is coming out called Moonrise Kingdom (a pic above) i don't know what the heck it is about but the commercials are quirky, make no sense , and are incredibly weird so why else wouldn't i love it.

It the, creater of tides, cloaks the light with its darkness of littered craters.
the ball of fire's rays beam from the back of the moon's black curved edges
the moon never truly overpowering the almighty sun
an eclipse    
I love the delicate look of a small tattoo on your wrist. This one almost resembles a birth mark 

graphic eyes hover over the above two pics.  that and jeweled lips + eyebrows.
what can't you bejewel today with your bejeweler