Thursday, November 29

Polaroid Fever

I have been finding the works of Robin Black (who does the photography + make up) to be extremely inspiring. Her Polaroid images of just the head of the model look more like the vintage head shots from an old model agency. 
Robin Black is not the only one that has been fond of the old Polaroid it seems with the rise of such apps as instagram where you make your pictures look like there from those days when pictures were anything but crystal clear it seems like everyone has old camera fever. No wonder a Polaroid camera is on the top of my Christmas list this year. 

Monday, November 26

I Look Like a Wild Beast

Dress: vintage (or other wise known as something stolen from my aunt's closet) Pants: vintage hat: Francesca's Collection
First of all before i get into all that writing that most people don't read i have to say that the above pictures depict me in the most honest of lights. In real life i am not pulling off model poses like in the photos on this blog no i am usually running around and scaring the pants off people and just being my normal creeper self. 

Just had to get that out there.
A few days ago my mother and I were at a vintage store which was having a humongous sale We were scanning the racks glancing at the clothing that once belonged to rich housewives when we accidentally wandered into the fur section.
A whole section dedicated to floor length minks and furry goods made out of the chinchilla's expenses, Chinchillas, who would want to kill an chinchilla they are so damn cute.
So to get to the point my mom gave the fur a good old i hate you stare and a "come on, Sara, we don't like fur".
But (i am ashamed to say this) I came to the furs defense spatting one of my geeky facts that i usually get from the history channel (like did you know Hercules had a size 13 foot).
"Well mom buying vintage fur is an easy way to not be contributing to the fur industry," i said in my geeky i know something that you don't voice.
To explain this better let's look at the lovely pair of leather pants i am wearing in the above picture. They are vintage. I did not buy them so i technically did not contribute to the leather industry.
But to explain this a little bit better i will copy and paste a quote from the blog Disarming Darling which explains this way better then i do and with much more rage (she was responding to a hater's comment).

"Vintage leather was originally purchased new by someone, meaning that they supported the leather industry with said purchase. "

 "So do you think every single time someone purchases that used leather item from a thrift/vintage store the money goes to supporting the leather industry, or does it go to the THRIFT STORE or VINTAGE STORE that it came from, promoting small businesses and usually the humanitarian deeds that thrift stores use their money towards? Buying second-hand simultaneously rejects the horrifying production of new clothing, which usually involves children and severely underpaid adults slaving over your $12 Forever 21 jacket. How's that for some fucking LOGIC?" 

So this got me thinking even though you are not contributing directly to the leather/ fur industry what happens if someone sees your pants think they look good and then they go and buy real leather pants for themselves. In some alternate universe you are technically contributing to the leather goods/ fur goods industry.

BUT anyway ignore that last point it was just a rambling of a girl who is always trying to make insightful thoughts and has just managed one meager one.
But the point of this post is don't buy real fur. 

And now for some insightful facts that will make you go vegan when it comes to clothes.
fact sources: and   

-Ranch-raised foxes are kept in cages only 2.5 feet square (minks in cages 1-foot-by-3-feet), with up to four animals per cage.

-Animals can languish in traps for days. Up to 1 out of every 4 trapped animals escapes by chewing off his or her own feet, only to die later from blood loss, fever, gangrene, or predation.

-According to a study by the Ford Motor Company, it takes almost three times as much energy to make a coat from trapped animals' pelts--and 40 times as much from ranch-raised furs--than it does to make a fake fur coat.

- Fur “farms” or “ranches” are not humane alternatives to trapping. The terms are euphemisms used by the fur industry to describe confinement facilities in which fur-bearing animals are caged and killed. Currently, there are no federal laws providing protection for the millions of animals held in these factory-like farms.

OK so just don't buy fur. (but i think after reading those facts all you will be thinking about when you see a fur coat is the dying animal that paid its life just to keep the Olsen twins warm). 

Saturday, November 24

The Sneaker Trend

Recently, ever since seeing pictures on style bubble's Susie Bubble wearing some Nike during fashion week i have been noticing the sneaker popping up more and more in street style pics.
  I kinda of like it; women throwing away the old stiletto in favor of there ratty converse from high school. 
I like that we have finally noticed that Paris is made of cobble stone streets and that practically none of us can avoid the inevitable heel in the crack. 
Once when at a party my friend wore Uggs with her formal red dress. It was an odd look that was accompanied with one, head to toe look i gave her that said: "really". She said that she had received a foot injury while playing soccer and she showed me her bandaged foot which was evidence that she was not blind when she chose her outfit that morning it was just that she did not want to be limping the whole time.
But i can't help feeling that same weird feeling that something does not belong with that when ever i see someone trying to pull off the old sneaker with dress look. 
I mean when an edgy girl like Kristen Stewart wears a ratty pair of converse with her Balenciaga mini dress no one really bats their eyes because its Kristen Stewart; its her signature style to wear a pair of converse with a fancy dress. 
But when i see someone so high in fashion that Stockholm Streetstyle feels the need to photograph them. I feel that weird feeling again as if those two things don't belong together. I feel more like this is just a sneaker fad that was brought on by the iconic Isabel Marant sneaker wedge. 
Maybe i am getting this weird feeling because i have not adjusted into the Nike with lace dress thing. But the more and more i see the sneaker appearing paired with the weirdest of formal attire the more i think this is all a trend and that women have finally given into comfort after years of saying "if it looks good I'll endure it."
But either way i am glad that they have noticed that the heel is painful and when one wears a heel they look like they are waddaling.

Thursday, November 22

“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.”

—Jean Cocteau

Then the very complicated thing my style is saying above is that of that i am a very feminine conductor of a train.

Enjoy the lovely GIF below of my dog taking off a scarf that i placed lovingly on top of his big head so that he would look like Audrey Hepburn. 

(if this doesn't say dog abuse in my dog's eyes i don't know what does)

Tuesday, November 20

On Dressing.

hey Sara!
i love your blog but...
i need your opinion on something,
do you think that it is right to judge someone by their choice of clothes, boring or not? whats different between the 2? u dress crazy and too much, to say the least, and some girls dress simple and maybe borrrinngg. why would people who r, lets say who over dress, judge girls who r just simple? 
-Tamar (making blog soon)

Dear Tamar,

First of all the second you start that blog send me the link i would love to check it out (and good luck starting it as well).

Well instead of choosing to answer you question via email or follow up comment i decided to answer this question in a post because the question is something i have personally dealt with and have a lot to say about.
Well the difference with one who overdresses to one who does not can be counted upon by ones layers if you have more then 5 layers on, then either its really cold out or you over dress.
An over dresser can also be a person who cares way to much about how they dress or they over dress for the occasion (ex. formal attire to school). Examples of over dressers can be Anna Dello Russo  to Anna Piaggi (R.I.P.)
A simple dresser, or a under dresser, is a person whose style is more main stream.
They don't care as much about high fashion but they still can love fashion in general.

In my opinion it is wrong to judge a person on however they dress because no matter how simple they dress its still a means of self expression. poop. And when you insult someones "self expression" they tend to get hurt.
 But i think the reasons why girls who "over dress" judge girls who "under dress" can be one of five reasons.

1. The "over dresser" wants to be superior to everyone so they insult people as simple as that (this is a personality problem that happens to every sort of person).

2. Another reason could be that the girl feels that she wants to be excluded because she wants to feel special and all that wonderful shit and by pointing out that people dress simpler then her means that means that they are boring and she's interesting.

3.  The third reason is that the girl feels that she is all alone in the world so maybe if she just makes people feel like how they are dressing is to simple then maybe they will dress like her and she will not feel as alone. (this right here is the great making of a Disney movie).

4. Now this over dresser may be feeling bad and pissy at the world so don't blame the words that come out of the girl blame the stupid hormones.

5. You have to also understand that many people like the style of the one who is overdressing but not always.
I am probably a perfect example.
For every 5 complements i get about how i dress i get one insult.
And for me insults like "you're so weird" stick in my head more then "i love this whole outfit".
And now to get to the point. The over dresser may be thinking that the under dresser has it easy, because they don't get ridiculed as much, but to make the over dresser feel better she might lash out in ways so the under dresser knows how bad he/she feels.

I did once judge a girl on dressing simple and boring because that's a reflex for us weirdos we insult not as weird people by calling them out on being not as weird as us (which makes no sense because usually its the other way around).
But if you want to know why i said the insults about being "too" simple to the girl
it was reason #4 (of course them damn hormones) and a bit of #5 but we won't get into that.
When it comes to teenage girls just blame those hormones.

I hope this answers your question.


Thursday, November 15

Do they ever learn

I bleached half my hair.
And then decided to act like a grungy human being that's better then everyone. 

"As a Native Women [sic], I want to share how disappointed I am in your lack of Cultural respect of traditional sacred items and our women in general. Native women have the highest rate of sexual related murder on the continent. Thank you for further promotion of this violent act against our women!!"
-Commenter Jacqueline C. Wachell on the latest Victoria Secret scandal.

At the latest Victoria Secret show, which was "calender" themed,
 Karlie Kloss was chosen as a November "Angel" She played a "native American" in cheetah print underpants and bra (the cheetah is not even indigenous to America). 
What were they thinking you ask.

What are they ever thinking when they put a non native American women into a Native American traditional headpiece and along with it,  sexy lingerie. Do they just think
"No we will definitely not get whiplash for this."
and this is not even the first time, its like ever single season fashion comes up with a new form a racism to strut down the runway, like earlier this year Dolce and Gabbana.
and what pisses me off even more is that this is not the first time VS has been charged with racism accustions back in September VS came under fire for releasing a "Sexy Little Geisha" get up that received an equal amount of "feed back".
And I ask once again do they ever learn.
This is september people it was just a few months ago.
And now i ask why is fashion so prone to rascism.
I mean how hard is it to just look at what you are presenting to people and think
"huh maybe that can be offensive" 
and how hard is it to throw some diversity among the models in the shows while your at it.

Next year you i bet you anything the November section of there calender issue they'll feature an African Americain women wearing a brassiere with the words Friday on it, and with VS shopiping bags in her hands, they'll call it
Black Friday.    

Saturday, November 10

Snowy Days

I love days where there is a bright luminous light breaking through your window. 
A light so pure, so white, so cold, and so ever not like those warm sun rays. 
I love those days when snow makes a white cold light break through your window.
"She has made me in love with a cold climate, and frost and snow, with a northern moonlight."

-Robert Southey  

Vintage dress Red Valentino, Yellow undershirt J.crew, necklace vintage, shoes Nasty Gal + Jeffery Campbell