Inspired by....

The i am currently inspired page depicts basically what i am currently inspired by.

I have currently been inspired by long nails. I have always loved the thought of tapping my nails on a glass table and scratching my brothers insults away.

The "look" i have been most inspired by is this picture of Christina from the blog Raww.

Bell bottoms a perfectly fitted long blazer a choker and glasses that match everything and the winning touch, 
a stance that says 
"i know i look good." 

The Book and movie
"The Perks of Being a Wallflower" 
(aka the greatest thing that has ever happened to me) 

Inspired by: Everything cats.
(is it that sad of an obsession) 

The music video for Blue Velvet by Lana Del Rey for H and M 
i don't know why, i just love it.

i think its the midget.

The photography i am currently obsessed with is
(drum roll please)
is the polaroids done Some Kind of Life

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