Saturday, March 9


I have been neglecting this very here blog along with the rest of my hobbies the proof being that in the above photographs my hair is blue. The blue has since washed out and my hair is currently a strawberry blond. Its kind of strange i feel as if whatever color my hair is that's the color of my mood ain't that super metaphoric and all that other corny stuff.

Saturday, February 16

The Fabulous Leibster Award

The leibster award is basically an award that promotes other blogs their are no technical prizes besides the prize of receiving more attention for your blog. 

How the leibster award works is that you are first nominated by someone. 

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by,

reveries in Horatio street

the person who nominated you comes up with 11 questions for you that you must answer but before answering them you must list 11 random facts about yourself. Then after telling your facts and answering the questions you must then nominate 11 more blogs and come up 11 questions for them and don't forget you must mention the blog that nominated you in your post.

And now for the, 

 11 things about me

  1. I am a twin. I am also the older twin by 6 minutes.
  2. I have a Yorkie named Kodi who has a major attitude problem.
  3. In the recent months i have formed a humongous obsession with mermaids. But not the Little Mermaid kind of mermaid that we learn about when we are little. No the siren kind that lures sailors to their doom. I find them really fascinating and magical. 
  4. My birthday is March 12 also known as National Girl Scout's day. 
  5. I have an incredibly messy room containing two gold fish named after famous people who lived in the 1920s. 
  6. My biggest fear is regret (i know very corny).
  7. My favorite number is 7 because the big dipper has 7 stars in its constellation.
  8. i am Irish, African American German, Caucasian,1/16 native American, and a bunch of other stuff that i really can not recall right now (sorry ancestors) but basically i am very very diverse. 
  9. A big fear of mine is to blend into a crowd, i know most people are afraid to stand out but i am the exact opposite of most people. 
  10. i have recently gotten very into painting and started painting some things my self but they're not nearly as good as the paintings of some of my favorite artists which include Edgar Degas,Vincent Van Gogh, John William, Will Cotton, Francis Bacon and Shae Acopian Detar (who is a photography who paints over her photos).
  11. I am really into vintage clothing and can't remember the last time i purchased something new. I just love the history behind used clothing wondering what connection a person might have to the piece of clothing and why they might have given it away, anyway i a make stories for each new piece i get. 
Now time for Alisa's questions

1. How would you describe your personal style?

I don't know how i would describe my style because it is to my belief that when you have found your own personal style that is true to your self and that they're no words to describe it besides that it's you. But if i had to form words for it i would say it would be lots and lots of layers, quirky at points, dressy, over the top, that word that is the opposite too "laid back", i am not going to say "vintage" because i feel next to "hipster" it is the most over used word to describe style so instead i will say inspired from by the past, and very crazy, and magical (in my opinion). Dam you tumblr for making the word vintage so misrepresented. 

2. What's your favorite book?

Gosh!!!!! Why are you asking me this it's like your asking me to choose a favourite child i have a 2 page list of my favorite books!!!!!!!! This is a cruel question but my favorite book if i had to choose one would be White Oleander by Janet Finch its really good and i just love it its basically like that child that always gets straight A's and has never gotten in trouble and also has all these awards for there great accomplishments it's hard, not to favor that child. 

3.  Tea or coffee?

That's easy tea cause coffee is a bitter little drink that my taste buds despise. 

4. Who's your favorite musician? 

i have a best friend who is obsessed with Kurt Cobain and would kill me while i am sleeping if i did not choose Nirvana, and anyway they made some good music. 

5. Which celebrity is your icon?

When it comes to icons its hard to just choose one. I have to many icons that influence my daily style i really can't choose one. A few celebrities who are my "icons" when it comes to fashion are Loulou de la Falaise, Iekeliene Stange, Elle Fanning, Audrey Hepburn, Marie Antoinette, Helen Devon Carter, Barbara Hulanicki, and the elves in the Lord of the Rings. 

6. What's on your bucket list?

A better question would be what is not on my bucket list, but some things that i have been currently trying to scratch off my bucket list is too read a bunch of the classics so i look like a good reader, to make my style more refined, to make my room worthy of the crazy creature that lives in it, to expand my closet with more vintage findies, to read the whole Lord of the Rings Series, and to volunteer at some place somewhere, for a good cause. 

7. If you could live for a year in a foreign country, where would it be?

I would live in Paris, France preferably in Montmartre (a district in Paris that's all artsy and has a big white church in the middle of it).

8.  As of right now, what are your top ten favorite songs? 

  •  Amen- Spacemen 3 
  • Life is Killing my Rock and Roll- Singapore Sling
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
  • The Man Who Sold the World- Nirvana
  • Obsessions- Marina and the Diamonds
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit- Patti Smith
  • While my Guitar Gently Weeps- The Beatles
  • The A Team- Ed Sheeran
  • The Outsider- Marina and the Diamonds
  • Gene Ciampi- Twin Sister
  • Flurescent Adolescent- Artic Monkeys
  • When the sun don't Shine- Best Coast
  • Guilty- Marina and the Diamonds
  • Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off- Panic at the Disco
  • Master of the House- Les Miserables 
9.  What's your Dream Career?

My dream career would be to be the editor and chief of a a magazine, just because. But truthfully i don't know what the hec my dream career would be besides to be blissful, which i guess is very corny and is not a career 
10. Dogs or cats?

This one is hard i love both. But it really depends on the dog or the cat because i hate dogs that are so active to the point of insanity and i hate the cats that just hate humans. But i do have a dog that acts like a cat and i have met cats that have acted like dogs. 

11.  What's your favorite movie?

I hate these kinds of questions because when ever someone asks you them you blank out and think for a second what is my favorite movie and then you can't remember any of the movies that you have ever seen and it is to my opinion that if you really love a movie enough for it to be your favorite you would remember it so for right now i do not have a favourite movie yet....... Oh but i will say i love Wes Anderson movies, they're awesome. 

Now for my 11 nominees, drum roll please.....

9. (this blog was already nominatd before by my dear friend Alisa i just wanted to give her a shout out).

And their 11 questions which are just differently worded copy of Alisa's paired with kindergarten like questions because i felt the need to not be original with these questions.

1. Dog person or Cat person? 

2. What's that one song that you can never get out of your head, otherwise known as your favorite song? 

3. Favourite article of clothing in your closet currently?

4. If you could live any where in the universe (including distant planets, if you enjoy suffocating to death) where would it be? 

5. If you were stranded on an island and were only allotted 3 items what would these 3 items be? 

6. Before I die............ (not really a question but before you die what do you want to achieve) 

7. Whose style do you idolize?

8.  Whose your favourite Artist? 

9. Your Favorite book (please)?

10. Why did you start a blog?

11. What's a hobby of yours ?

Thank you again reveries in Horatio street for nominating me!!!!

Sunday, January 27

It Smells Like Teen Spirit

I confess i have never been a big music fan.
i have never been totally connected to a song to the point that i know all the lyrics, to the point that i spend hours and hours listening to it on replay connecting with each line that is released from the singers mouth. 
I have never really been really obsessed with an artist to the point where i have posters up of them on my walls. To the point where i buy concert tickets to go see them, heck i have never even been to a concert. 
i currently have 35 songs on my i-pod and i am in desperate need for more (i know its sad). 
My big New Year's resolution  should have been to become one of those people who is really obsessed with music, one of those people who have a song lyric for everything, and has a t-shirt of the band they just saw last weekend. 
But to get my music obsession rolling i shall began by feeding off of my dear friend's obsession.
Sarah is currently obsessed with Kurt Cobain who was the guitarist/vocalist/song writer of Nirvana (but i think everyone already knows that). 
And though i have only just been getting into Nirvana (and Kurt Cobain) here are some of my favorites done by them. 

(hence the title of the post)

"Kurt was the only one who could wear makeup and a dress 
without looking gay"

Now this here blog is technically labeled a fashion blog so what would it be if i didn't talk about fashion. 
Kurt Cobain often dressed like the opposite sex. 
This stirred a conversation between my mother and i when we were having lunch at Starbucks paired with a casual conversation about Kurt Cobain. My mother thought the reason for his cross dressing was that he had secret lurking sexuality feelings lurking beneath him but i ultimately dismissed these with and i quote,
"He's Kurt mom who cares what he did." 
That ultimately put the conversation ultimately into space never to be seen again by a human eye. 
But this got me thinking why did Kurt where that floral dress in that In Bloom Music video?
Why did he?
  This led me to four possible conclusions One that my mother was right (but i highly doubt it just cause). Two, and this is revelation to the whole world, that he was protesting against pants. Let me explain this one a bit more, I don't think i have said this before but i am not a pants kind of person i hate them to high heavens there constricting and make me feel like an obese oopa loopa. But have you noticed that now a majority of women wear pants everyday when less then a hundred years ago a woman would not be allowed to enter a court room unless they were wearing a dress, look at how far women have come. I will choose the dress over the pant any day but why can't men do the same? Why must it be that when a man wears a dress he is considered "gay" or any other of terms that may not apply to him why can't men wear dresses when women can be allowed to wear clothing that is normally considered for men only? And i feel as if Kurt was trying to convey this message through the dress wearing he was basically saying i am a man and i am enjoying the awesome dress. My third reason is maybe he just wanted his legs and "area" to get some air while he was playing the guitar because i know from experience that it easier to rock on in a dress then in skinny jeans. And my finally i am just over thinking the awesomeness reasoning of Kurt Cobain so i am just going to shut up right now and listen to more Nirvana. 

Saturday, January 12

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Polaroid

My friends and I have recently gotten into the very old very from the age of our parents Polaroid camera though only 3 of the 4 girls in our sister hood of the Polaroids own Polaroids with one of them owning a Polaroid with no film and one of my sisters owning a Polaroid that she is afraid to take out of the house. 
So anyway that just leaves my Polaroid sis-ta Emma who took a majority of the below fabulously beautiful photos unless otherwise noted.  

Here is a wonderful profile picture of me that Emma took while i was ranting about the weirdness of my current profile picture on Facebook so we decided to create a new one and above is the amazing result (i will most likely have this profile picture up for a year or two do to my lack of the need to change a profile picture and the utter awesomeness of this picture).    

I have recently been really obsessed with troll dolls. I like hiding them in places and seeing the horror of people's faces when they see my yellow troll doll with the ice blue hair. I got this picture done so i have a nice picture of my troll for my wallet because he is truly like a child to me. 

This is my friend Sarah who you can also see here.
Sarah and I are attempting to stand on ice in our shoes not ice skates on a lake near our school that has very thick ice.  

This is a wonderful landscape shot taken by Emma it's so peaceful. Emma says this one is her favorite one.

 Another picture of me trying to stand on some ice begging to god that i won't fall through. 

 Here is my home girl Kiana and I throwing rocks in a lake this is one of the favorites of the Polaroid group but i find it amusing because i seem like some sort of bodyguard in my large black flasher jacket. 

I love this one definitely one of my faves it reminds me of something  Juergen Teller the photographer for all those Marc Jacobs ads would do.

 Just your run of the mill dark photo with a Polaroid buddy sniffing their nose (Sarah had a cold).

This last photo was taken by Sarah not by Emma when Sarah pointed the Polaroid camera directly at the sunlight causing Emma to go on one big rant about the cost of film and the waste of film but as the film was developing we were thinking nothing would happen do to the over exposure of light but then this happened and i find it really cool.

You can get the Polaroid camera Emma used in all these shots here

oh and please follow my friend Alisa's new Instagram account where she basically posts these pictures of these photos she has edited.
Her instagram account is @editsofmine.

Wednesday, January 9

"Mary Wished to Say Something Sensible, but Knew Not How

- Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Pants: I'm not sure, Grandpa sweater: my aunts (i stole it from her closet and forgot to ever give it back oops), shoes: Doc Martens It's a relief when i can actually have a link to where i got my clothing. 
Today i am much like Mary, in Pride and Prejudice,  in that I wish to say something sensible but i don't know what or how to say it so i leave you with the above pictures for 
"A picture is worth a thousand words."
-Napoleon Bonaparte   

Saturday, January 5


Cara Delevingne for The Journal #32 by Hugh Lippe

Ahhh the New Year.
America's excuse to make resolutions that will fall apart by the end of the first week. 
I find that making resolutions in the dead of winter to be just dreadful (i still made them). But what i really mean is that, who wants to go out out of their car to go outside into a gym in barely there gym cloths and work out so that they can loose those 5 pounds that they promised themselves that they would loose when the year flipped from 2012 to 2013 .
When you made that resolution as the ball slowly climbed towards the New Year and you simply can't  find that you can climb towards achieving that goal you had set for your self is something that happens all the time because i know that, with proven facts, that myself and plenty of other people just want to watch them SVU marathons when its snowing and freezing outside and your in a miserable mood. It sucks. 
But i find the dead of winter to be quite the perfect season for fashion, why you ask me. Well this might just be retaining to my style but i love to layer and now i finally have and excuse to wear those 12 dresses all at one time and looking like an Eskimo.
So let's take a look at my style inspiration for the next year shall we. 

Please now scroll to the top of this post. You now see a collage that obviously took me less then 2 seconds (i know its not my best work). Well ignoring that shall we look at what is in this collage which is the always bug eyed Cara Delevingne for The Journal #32 by Hugh Lippe. 
I have probably scanned, screen shot and dragged those above photos into folders labeled Outfitspiration a thousand times to the point that i am surprised that i am still some what sane. 
I love this editorial because i just love it, to its rocker glamorous style, to it's fusion of mixing evening cloths and doc Martins, and of course that one shot (the left one in the collage) where Cara is in a black evening gown pouring her self some coke something i would totally do (except that instead of coke it would be Fanta or Juicy Juice you got to love artificially flavored fruit). I just love the perfect mixing of American and European styles something i aspire to do in my wardrobe and don't get me started with  that half beehive hair do (i love that too). 

From left to right: Stockholm Streetstyle, Love and Lemons lookbook, Charlotte Free for Timo Weiland, Jean Greige, The Sartorialist

When it comes to street style that will inspire some truly great outfits in the upcoming year i see button downs worn over button downs with Ozzy Osbourne glasses  (see far left). i also see some long white shear dresses that could be seen perfectly paired with an Ouija board and a ton of religious relics (see middle left) that sort of style i was obsessed with by the tail end of  2012, you know that creeper gothique i am going to put a spell on you style. i also see plenty of dark clothing in my future because i never have really celebrated winter and all its darkness (see very middle).  Layering has always been in my heart right next to doughnuts and a future in high cholesterol caused by doughnuts but Madeline from the Jean Greige does the layering in a way that just looks cozy (see middle right) something i wish to feel this up coming year she also has the perfect punch line to go with this layered outfit and a new motto for my style in the up coming year.

Fall fashion tip: just throw all that shit on at once. Yeah. Lookin' good.

And finally just squint your eyes to the very far right and you will see a woman (cigarette hanging from her mouth oblivious to the fact that those things are a funking gun to the head), but let's just look at her outfit in all its transparency goodness i just love it's head to toe blackness and all i really want for the new year is a transparent shear whatever black dress. 

See more pictures from Shae Acopian Detar here 

Shae Acopian Detar is an LA Based photographer who puts a unique spin on her photos. 
She paints over her breathtaking photos (by the way they are all taken with film cameras) using such painting materials as oil paint and acrylics to paint in different colored backgrounds and even flowers. 
I have been for a long time hoping for a film camera and i hope either when i get it or before then i shall make you some Shae inspired painted photos that will surly appear on this blog. 

Tim Burton's Tricks and Treats for Harper's Bazaar by Tim Walker for me is an essential for the New Year. I find the kinda of late 19th century Gothic wardrobe and that feeling that you don't know whats going on to be extremely inspirational for some strange reason. 

Now to conclude this post i give you a video of a dress being painted by machines in the Spring Summer collection of 1999 for Alexander McQueen entitled the 13th, which was inspired by arts and crafts and had robots spraying spraying a pure white dress with black and pee yellow paints. The robots seem to have some what threatening personalities leaving me to think are machines some what human? But i already know that machines are somewhat humans because my computer is named Luna and she is having a relationship with both an i-touch and a iPhone and also Siri.