Wednesday, February 29

High-Low Can You Go

What I am Wearing 
skirt-free people
bracelet worn as choker-j.crew
leather jacket-forever 21 
One of the funnest pieces of clothing is a maxi skirt, it caches the wind beautifully and they are about the funnest thing to twirl around in. But if you are like me and are as short as a munchkins in the Wizard of Oz you would understand anything knee length just makes you look shorter then your originally munchkin height. but there is a great alternative for all you munchkins (myself included) out there and that is the high-low skirt. A high-low skirt is a skirt that is shorter in the front then it is in the back. The one I am wearing is maxi length with crochet detailing in the front it is one of my most unique pieces (and i love it to death). I got this flamboyant piece from Free People but unfortunately they don't sell it anymore boo hooh )= but don't loose hope to soon you can find a pretty high low dress worthy to stand next to this beauty here. And I must say prancing around in this high low skirt made me almost forget about the 32 degrees weather that felt more like 20 degrees with the harsh winds (but else was going to throw my dress into the air). But hey it was all worth it even if I did loose feeling in several fingers.

Sunday, February 26

Cropping in the Woods

Wish this was my house )=

I am wearing
jewerly- jcrew
dress-free people
cropped top- forever 21
shoes- jcrew
photos done by Mary Frisby 
Hey y'all!!! I have currently formed a huge obsession with cropped tops. I left the house originally wearing a white sweater saying walk with me..... from forever 21, but because of the obsession I currently have with cropped tops I cut off both the long sleeves and the bottom of the sweater to the point that it only says walk which is a way better slogan for me because its encouraging people to walk but not with me (like the orignal shirt had said) because everyone knows that just prancing around the nature center for me was a workout. The cropped top had an edginess to it so I paired it with this tiered dress from free people which adds this woodsy feel to the original edgy look. 

Friday, February 24

Mint Obsession

Mint Blazer from Andrea Lieeberman's line A.L.C 

Mint Lips? 

blogger from the blonde salad's Mint Pants

blogger from the Native fox Mint Skirt 

Mint feathers (from Louis Vuitton runway)

One of my favourite looks when it comes to mint is Free People's Molly Flower Sheer Top which sports two major trends the Peter pan collar (which I adore) and the color mint  
The new color being sported for the spring summer happens to be the always-cool mint. I have never been a huge fan of light pastel colors (mint included) but since everyone has been pinpointing pastels and light colors as the it colors for spring summer I have gained a certain obsession for pastel colors but I have a special place in my heart for the color mint. I have formed a special love for the color mint because it is not a totally spring summer color, it does not carry the frilliness and girliness that is often times acquainted with spring/summer colors; but because mint is technically part of the blue family and blue is a known winter color mint carries this sort of ice queen physique but with a touch of sweetness that is often times associated with the spring and summer. The above pictures features some of my favorite mint looks including a look from Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2012, which put the color mint on the map. The pictures also include some looks that took mint over the top such as the mint lips that look as if some one went swimming in very cold water. Enjoy both the good and the bad looks when it comes to mint.

Wednesday, February 22

"A Pastel Story"= my joy

I am currently in love with Free People's February lookbook, "A Pastel Story". The lookbook was shot in an abandoned building on 5 Beekman Street in New York, the empty building has a captivating vintage interior which played perfectly with the soft, girly pastels that are spread throughout the February lookbook. The lookbook features model Martha Hunt who's pink hair layered with blond is to die for (love it). Overall the lookbook is awesome and is probably one of my favourites of Free People, due to it pinpointing a important trend for spring/summer, pastels and also for making me begging for spring due to these ultra cute, colorful, and perfectly spring clothing.

Tuesday, February 21

1920s Meets Me

photos done by Mary Frisby 
Ever season has an era that we try to evoke. For s/s 2012 that era happens to be my favourite, the 1920s. The 1920s is filled with early movie glamour and is the start of where we as people abandoned our fancy daily wear and advanced into a more modern time of fashion. A famous piece worn by the women in the 1920s is that of a cloche hat (the one I am wearing is by Francesca's Collections, I got this piece on sale for around $5 {such a steal}). The hat I am wearing is the perfect way to make any look more like the 1920s. Another piece that can make any look resemble the 1920s is that of a long strand of pearls. Long necklaces were always paired to any look back in the 1920s but no long necklace was as popular as a long strand of white pearls. These white pearls are by Tiffany and Co. but you can easily get fake pearls at another store for a fraction of the price.
I do not own a flapper dress but to bring over the flapper dress into the 21 century you bring the same basic shape and length use in the 1920s dresses but take away the over the top fringe. The dress I am wearing is a free people dress. I paired the whole look with gloves, a scarf, and shoes worthy of the 1920s and whola. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you want to fully embrace this era I really recommend watching the movie The Artist you get great inspiration from it.

Monday, February 20

Luv Aj's "Pink Lady" = Bad Ass High Schooler

Luv Aj's look book the "Pink Lady" takes place at Venice High School 

I love how model Wylie Hays roots are pink 

Obsessed with this bolo tie
Lots of Rings = My Love
Blue Nail Polish= My Love 

I fell in love when I saw accessories line Luv Aj's look book. Shot at the iconic Venice high school and featuring model Wylie Hays. It has this whole vibe of a bad girl with chunky metal accessories and boyish inspired attire. It reminds us all of when we use to be in school and we wouldn't listen to a damn thing anyone said. Ahhhhh teenage years. Some of my favourite accessories are that of the Pyramid Stud Bolo Tie featured in the 4th picture down its such a quirky unique piece featured in such a bad ass look book, I love how out of place this piece is but yet it still fits in to the whole look book. Another one of my favorite pieces happens to be all of the rings in the 5th picture down it reminds me of my self I always wear a ton of rings (so many most times I can't even move my fingers).  I love this look book it captures the bad ass high schooler in us all, I love it.  

Thursday, February 16

Knock Off Over Actual

I recently fell in love with these Isabel Marant Bobby Suede Sneakers , they have a concealed heel that is about 3.5 inches so there your average sneaker but with a little something extra, a hidden heel!!! The only thing that disappoints me is that this shoe is way out of my budget let's just say its $680 so I know its definitely not in my near future but with every must have shoe there is a knock-off version. I found the knock off version on free people. The sneaker heel on Free People has a slightly more exposed heel giving it a boyish grunge with a tiny touch of lady, this makes me adore the free people sneaker heel more then the Isabel Marant sneaker heel.

But what I wanted to ask you is which sneaker heel do you like more the knock off or the Isabel Marant Bobby Suede Sneakers?

Free People Wedge Sneaker 

Isabel Marant Bobby Suede Sneaker 


Wednesday, February 15

Zuhair Murad Enters The Grammys

 La Muraille de Soie (Fall/Winter 2011-2012) couture show 

Taylor Swift in her Zuhair Murad couture gown was on everone's best dressed lists 

Zuhair Murad is known for there over the top couture clothing and very detailed beading and embellishments that take your breath away and there now known for yet another show stopping look. This passed weekend there were the Grammys and one thing the Grammys are known for is there outrageous fashion but Taylor Swift who is known for her simple floral day dresses and worn out cowboy boots out did herself in a absolutely drop dead gorgeous Zuhair Murad dress taken from their La Muraille de Soie (Fall/Winter 2011-2012) couture show which featured Asian inspired designs and a breathtaking color palate which included a wide range of colors such as emerald green, dark maroon, black with white embellishments, and a finale that surprised everyone (a white dress was featured in the finale, something rarely seen on the Fall/Winter runways). Zuhair Murad defiantly has the wow factor and looks that make even the most critical fashion lover jaws drop.  

Tuesday, February 14

Forgetful Holidays: Valentine's Day

from the "Love is in the Air"  -Planet Blue's Valentine's look book

Love this home made card 

"Love is in the Air"  -Planet Blue's Valentine's look book

"Love is in the Air"  -Planet Blue's Valentine's look book

I want to do my nails like this ( learn how to do this mani here) 

"Love is in the Air"  -Planet Blue's Valentine's look book

such cute shoes 

"Love is in the Air"  -Planet Blue's Valentine's look book  

People kissing in the city of love.

I would love to have this pool

"Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together , but do so with all your heart." -Marcus Aurelius
Happy Valentine's day. Valentine's day is one of those holidays that you don't notice until its the actual the day. I didn't know that today was Valentines day until my friend approached me with a nice chocolate bar and wished me a happy Valentine's day and with that I looked down at my outfit a noticing that I was not wearing anything that represented this joyous holiday (like I usually prefer to do) just a floral dress (following a big trend for the s/s, floral). And so with my lack of spirit today I decided to post wishing you all a happy Valentine's day (to try and redeem my self) I hope you were not as forgetful as I. Above are just pictures to lighten your mood and get you in the spirit of Valentine's day..