Saturday, March 31


even this UPJ (unidentified piece of jewelry) looks good on my dirty bathroom floor

Well Hello!! i know i have not blogged in like 4 days (which i believe is a record, for me). Shame on me for being a terrible blogger but if you dare to read my last post you will come to terms with me and see i had a legit reason to abandoning y'all (i am going western again).  Well about a week before my disappearance i discovered a piece of jewelry that i can only identify as a UPJ (an unidentified piece of jewelry) it coils into a a ton of shapes such as mustaches and glasses and i find myself wearing it as necklaces to bracelets so i don't really know what to call this piece that has been attached to me all week. So to begin this post i wanted to show you a ton of different ways to wear this UPJ. 

Look at me clutching this antique door knob as i wear this UPJ as a bracelet/ring/awesome way to wear this piece  

"look at me now, look at me now what "
me wearing this awesome piece of UPJ as an the obvious bracelet 

giving my best strong person stance as i wear this UPJ as an upper arm bracelet 

love this pic i think i have gone crossed eyed...........
wearing the UPG as a cool crown like thingy 

whose looking at my extreme distressed jean short shorts i know i am looking at this UPJ as a belt, though those shorts are a bit distracting 

live from New Jersey i am just giving you a boring necklace 

now i give a knotted necklace 

can you find it?
the UPJ as a collar necklace 

little old me spicing up my little old bun with the UPJ

look at it my dad is getting in on the fun of this UPJ he is highlighting his fav thing his bald spot 

started to run out of ideas so you get a UPJ resembling more as a pile of poop on some scrap pieces of paper.

anymore ideas would me useful so comment your ideas below to make this UPJ even more awesome

i got this UPJ at Francesca's collections in there awkward bowl of jewelry



Tuesday, March 27

Dear Peeps............

sorry about the blurriness i am not the one to usually take the  take photos for this blog 
So your currently viewing a very blurry image of my current resting place for the next well i don't know the next 4 days currently studying for some major tests (end of marking period teachers wanting to cram in some last minute tests on us )=). So if your not wandering why i ain't (i know i have gone western on you) blogging away(which is something i much rather be doing) its because i will be occupying that nice wooden chair, with a cushion that always spurts out a chorus of fart noises, for the next few days. So don't get worried i did not drop off the face of the earth (again) just studying until my eyes fall out of my sockets. Wish me luck because I'll need all the luck i can get to pass these exams (don't worry much to come after these tests)!!!! 

I wonder how numb your butt could get if you sit on that chair for 30 hours straight?

Monday, March 26

Before Then After

Source 4th and Bleeker 

Does anyone know how the heck you do this?

Monday, March 19

"Come As You Are"..........

Am i the only one noticing the height of those heels 

This made his day

Balancing act 

Style stalker "come as you are" look book. This look book featuring model Alexander Spencer is shot in such an urban place, a skate park, but yet it features some very futuristic and modern clothing (just take a glance at that metallic jacket). Its a weird turn of events shooting in a place that totally the opposite of the look. Way to infuse the name into the look book "come as you are"............ well i want to do an outfit post in a place completely opposite of the theme of my outfit an ideas?

Saturday, March 17

Flowers, Dark lips, and Pink Hair


Well i am here to report about the new Wildfox pre-fall lookbook i have to say when i saw this lookbook i was not surprised its a typical wildfox lookbook but wait there's more (i know i have sunk down to a alltime low the use of  using those annoying TV comercial add phrases to get to my point). In this Wildfox pre-fall lookbook ,feuturing model Amanda Booth BTW, is based on 3 unique girls with 3 unique personalities and 3 unique powers. The 3 girls go by the names Cherie (the name suits her red hair) the gypsy who lives in Paris, the white hair witch Dahilia living in New York, and finally the pink haired Ella a fairy that habits LA. The 3 girls are based on a story written for Wild Fox by Franchesca Lia Block (you can read the story here). So now there is only one question to ask, Which unique girl are you? Are you Cherie the ever traveling gypsy, loving flowers she always dresses boho shique with nice loose layers. Or are you more Dahilia who is a spitting image of a bad girl from NYC but has a softer side that is showed through a velvet maxi dresses, Or (like me) you prefer the cute yet sassy Ella who has a bad girl side shown through spiked jewlry. I have to say i love Ella i am a sucker when it comes to pink hair. Chao!!

Wednesday, March 14

With spring flowers comes my B-day

Spring Has Come judging by these spring flowers on these petite trees 

looks like I am not wearing any pants (teehee)

loving this face

Just acting cool 

I swear that mood ring I am wearing is strangling my finger. No more suffocating rings for me (it took me an hour to take that thing off at least it could detect that my mood was very angry) 

Loving the pony tail holder hidden beneath all these "high end" bracelets 

Necklaces galore 

whacha wearing
Bag//H and M (Good alternative here)
cut off jean short shorts//gap (find some here)
red button down shirt//men's jcrew shirt (find an alternative here)

You might be looking at the above photos and be thinking OMG why is this whaco girl have short shorts on its march!! But hey the weather down in New Jersey is a perfect 70 degrees which happens to be the most perfect weather because your hemlines can go to super short lenghths yet you can be wearing layer and layers paired with ankle boots. But on other things besides the weather just a short 2 days ago was my birthday (sorry about the lack of post between my b-day and this) happy birthday to me!! And I have to say my b-day was a joyeus evet I got an awkard half spoken happy birthday song from my class mates in french and of course I got to ditch my studies for a day and go shoppin. Well now onto clothes I personally love this outfit it has this edgy urban cool quality but yet feminine touch with the dolly top and colorful necklace and that to me is my personal style. So Happy Pie day(and if you don't know anything about pie day cach up on math people)!


Saturday, March 10

A healthy dose of Saturday inspiration

because I always bathe in a bucket 

Yummy!!!!! ={

Love is in the air 

I think someone is giving me the evil eye 


Bullies! loving the monkey that slapping all the others. feeling bad for the monkey walking away.

I always have a big smile like that when I'm vacuuming 
Just wanted to begin a great weekend by sharing a bunch of photos that sparked some inspiration for me.