Monday, October 29

what do we have against flats

I grab the 3 inch high booties with the studs running up towards the top. 
It's like an instinct.
Grabbing the heels

I have ugly scar tissue, where blisters used to be, running down the back of my heel.
There cause
Why as, women, do we surrender to the ultra high painful heel.
Now i invite you to take a look at the picture below.
What shoes do you think the women are wearing
flats, heels,

When i first saw this post on The Glamourai i was shocked. 
The post was titled 
"Evenings in Paris."
That sorta title is normally associated with evening dresses, dark mysterious make up, a clutch, and the icing on the cake a pair of black stilettos, 
but in these photos of The Glamourai's  "Evenings in Paris" 
the much preferred black heels are replaced by a pair of sparkly 

I was shocked i had to scroll up and down the page glancing at there pointed toes. 
why did i do that? I asked myself. 
"they're just wearing flats" 
But why is it that we see flats ever so decreasing from the formal parties, weddings, 
And why do we see heels getting higher and higher, more popular and popular, and blisters getting redder and redder. 
Why do we as a society choose the heel over the flat when it comes to "dressing up"?
Maybe we think flats look cheap. 
Maybe we're self conscious about our height, which is stupid? 
Maybe we think heels are more attractive?   
Well to answer all these assumptions just look at the picture above of the Glamourai even when wearing her Jimmy Choo flats she looks 
anything but cheap 
she looks tall but without looking like a sky scraper 
and she looks just as attractive as she would have with heels 

So I dare you abandon you heels and blisters at your next event where you have to "dress up"
and put a nice pair of flats on. 
And if your one of those people who has a bumper sticker that says
"the higher the heel the closer you are to god" 
then you need a.) some heel rehab, B) a nice pair of flats and c) some nice flatastic inspiration.

Wednesday, October 24

A Pick Me Up

I am quite ashamed over this post. Its no long lengthy paragraph. It has no deep messages. 
No it just has a video that i like. I like it because it reminds me of my over emotional, quirky self, that likes to make up dances (weird dances) with no music. And the quirky self that likes to scream when she gets frustrated, and the person that would love to run on top of sand dunes. 
So this post is just a pick me up for all those people who see themselves in this weird/awesome/quirky video. 
A pick me up because life ain't no long weekend. 
(please ignore my southern accent in the last sentence, I'm reading Of Mice and Men and i can't stop talking like Lennie).

Monday, October 22

What to Be

source: The Sartorialist 
I made a post a couple of weeks back, this one, where i talk about growing up.
Though i don't know what exact occupation i want to achieve when i get older (who does your life would be to predictable) but what i do know is that i want to achieve a certain
The person above, whom ever she might be, embodies this "look". 
To her perfectly swept back hair (cut in a blond bob)
To the jacket placed perfectly over one shoulder.
While drawing what she sees in a journal filled with poetic thoughts, she waits in a cafe for the waiters who know her name but never call her by it, to deliver her one coffee, dark and bitter.
She is the kind of women who can carry a white i- phone while wearing all black.
The kinda women who can sweep back her hair while holding a coffee and not spill it.
And the kind of women who looks messy while staying clean.
She is the kinda of women i want to be when I grow up, wearing hints of brass jewelry and having a face you can both imagine a hard core stare and a wicked smile on.
But i can never be that women because I'm not a women (yet)
I love wearing frilly dresses (still) and my notebooks are filled with doodles not deep thoughts
And my character, oh my character, is too naturally friendly and to colorful with a hidden wallflower personality.
I love all my traits but a girl can dream, can't she, about her future and who she will be.
oh and I don't like coffee.  

Thursday, October 18

The Tribe of the People Who Wear Wreaths

I grabbed the multi earth colored wreath from where it hung from a green strand. I placed it on my 2 day old braided head, ran into the bathroom where i began to pose for my reflection.
Earlier that day wearing my mustard tights and a jacket straight out of the Emerald City i knew something was missing from the look. I looked drab in my perfectly for the fall outfit i needed that punch in the gut. 
That wreath specially placed on the blue door in my house was that punch it matched my house and made me instantaneously a part of the people who wear weird things on there head club. 

recently i have became obsessed with over the top headbands. I'm not talking about those feathered headbands , I'm talking abut Meadham Kirchoff  spring 2011 crowns. 

Now you see what i am talking about. 

I have always have had a certain obsession over the headbands (due to me being a teenager and having to be self-conscious about everything, including my hair) but as i have said before i want need the big stuff now. 

So you might be asking me right now at this point in the post
"What the hell is the point to this post?" 

Well its not just about showing how much i love wreaths placed on top of my head. 
No this post is for  cry towards you the,reader 

To go out there, be weird and place weird stuff on your head 

so go out there, dear reader, and put some fall wreath on your head, or maybe some nice kitchen utensils .
And if you have the excuse that you have nothing funny or immature to place on your head then, Dear Reader, I provide you this tutorial on how to glue stuff onto a headband to make the above beauties.

Isn't it funny how there are some people out there in the world making people take action and stop Cancer while i sit at my computer telling people to put weird stuff on there head. 

Now i will conclude this post with some useful inspiration highlighting weird head wear.

Monday, October 15

To Be Number 5

In this post i am going to compare fashion to Perfume.
You must watch the above video to understand all of the below. 

Chanel No.5 
A perfume with a simple name and an even simpler scent. In this Day and age perfume blankets over a women. As the great Coco Chanel once spoke "A women's perfume with a women's scent" meaning that a women should have a perfume that goes with her natural scent. No.5 pairs together with a women's sent making a natural feminine scent. Something we have not been seeing lately among the modern scents that just cover a women like a layer masking her natural scent. 
Today's perfumes are so strong when you walk by Abercrombie you can smell the perfume seeping out of the test samples. 
Perfume now a days is too focused on an image, too focused on appealing to someone too focused on making you believe if you wear this your going to appeal to the opposite sex. This just ends up smelling fake and grotesque. 
It bites at your nose, a bad perfume, leaving a sting in the inside of your nostrils, a sting tainted with that foul odor. 

Now onto the bottle. 
No.5's bottle is a simple rectangular shape, it's attractive, It's timeless. It is lacking the modern touch of the perfume bottle we have become accustomed towards, a flower with the bottle representing the stem (ahem JB) and it does not have a bunch of trinkets encasing the cap representing different moments in life (ahem Miss.Swift). All these "modern" bottles look cheap not as flawless as Number 5's bottle. 
The Name even is simple not hinting what lays beneath. The name has no deep meaning it is named because it was the 5th sample the one Coco Chanel chose it even has some mystery inside the name.  Did Chanel name it No.5 due to 5's luck giving qualities?   

Now let's stride towards the main topic: 
How is high fashion and perfume linked together? 

Fashion now a days does not vary much from perfume. Now a days when we look at street style pictures we see people fight to get noticed wearing more outrageous stuff then the next person it makes them look cheap.This reminds me of cheap perfume because perfume fights to be recognized there "overwhelming" scent wants to guide more people towards liking them. And in fashion isn't the simple people we remember the Audrey's and the Coco Chanel's for having a style that is simple but yet complex to achieve. Much like Number 5. Number 5 has a complex mysterious formula, that is hard to achieve, hidden underneath its plain and clear wrapper it does not play all its cards and leaves its full scent behind (enough room for the women's scent). Street style now a days plays all its cards like a cheap perfume. 

Chanel No.5 has resists the whims of fashion and who in fashion does not want to be timeless. 

Thursday, October 11

Growing UP (in a fur scarf thingy)

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
It is the age old question asked since the first day of kindergarten. 
But i don't know what i want to be when i grow up all i know is that i want to me and i certainly do not want to be a cereal killer. 
It is the question we as children ponder over in the middle of french class looking at the rays of light that break through the windows.
We say that we want to be someone doing something important marry someone that is on 1D
but what do we want to do when we grow up,
We want to do something we are talented at
well i am am talented at fashion but am I suited for designing cloths and being The Devil Wears Prada?
But for right now i am just going to sit back.
I'm a kid the world is my Oyster.
And that brings me to the topic for today. The blogger behind the photos from the tumblr, blog whatever floats your boat, Alisa Nicole Photography.
She is of my age (which is a disclosed age because we are on the World Wide Web) and she does amazing original shots of mostly of NYC landscapes and old dudes dresses as clowns check out my Favs below.
But i feel she is one of those kids who has a set goal in mind of what they want to be when they grow up  and its a realistic dream  (unlike myself who dreams of being a princess).
I think she has found her place in the Oyster.

 And now to wrap up the post i give you a graffiti artist who clearly does not want a city to grow up

Sunday, October 7

Dressing to the Extreme Style Icon: Ulyana Sergeenko,

I think somewhere in between those years where the Gap released those dreadful commercials where they tried to make Khakis hot and those last few years where stick straight hair has become the norm.

I think somewhere between those years we lost sense on dressing to the extreme. 

Remember those years back in the 1800s when it took 10 people would dress Marie Antoinette and the result was a ball gown just for a walk in the park.

"Everything Is an Occasion"
- said by the lovely person who writes this blog (me)

I say this to anyone who questions me dressing to the extreme. 

I think extreme dressing- is the over dressing for the occasion.
For instance for school 
I could be wearing a t-shirt and jeans which is "correct" clothing for the occasion.
 what i wear: 
I have only worn pants twice since the school year commenced and both were not related to denim 
and my "t-shirt" is the over layering of dresses 

And when i get those lovely calls of 
"why the heck do you where 7 layers on when it is 80 degrees outside"

 I say to these lovely admirers 
"Everything is an occasion" 
 (even school) 

And i think someone who is definitely is an "extreme dressing" is that of 
Ulyana Sergeenko,
Designer and photographer extraordinaire 

Even when wearing denim she looks couture

Ulyana has a romantic and theatrical style that is unmistakably and is seen throughout her designs for her brand.
Ulyana brings us floating back to the days of forbidden love created by Shakespeare her style is utterly romantic. 
And who could forget her Jean Paul Gaultier look (the romantic goth look featured above) where she stepped out in her own design wearing something i will soon grab as the dress i will wear when i become a trophy wife and my husband dies dress. 
She wears veils, long princess like poufy skirts, and turbans all during the street style of fashion week where it has now become acceptable for you to wear denim and a t-shirt as long as your accessories are over the top (nothing against the Man Repeller and her T-shirt saying "All blogs post the same stuff" I took offence to that because i feel my blog posts similar stuff not the same stuff). She over dresses for fashion week (which is very hard)
And her designs even have the seal of approval from Lady Gaga (the queen of over dressing for the occasion has worn some of Ulyana's desighns). 
Do i have to argue my case anymore. 
And now I proclaim
Ulyana Sergeenko,
a style Icon for dressing to the extreme. 
and now i am giving my take on her unforgettably style 
with an all black ensemble, a tea length skirt, and a hat that is unmistakably Ulyana. 

Happy Sunday!!!!!