Tuesday, December 11

Iekeliene Stange

While going through the endless amount of  editorials that are posted on the blog Fashion Gone Rogue 
I fell upon An editorial done by Baku Magazine (December issue).
While trying to click on photographer Kerry Dean's link I accidentally clicked on the model  Iekeliene Stange's link. Something i would totally do. 
I probably spent an hour scanning and viewing the previous editorials Iekeliene had done only to discover that she was a high cheek boned model, who models. 
So i decided to waste more time by searching Iekiliene up on google because i really didn't want to study for that math test and in my opinion finding out who this model is, is much more important then finding out what y equals
So being me i searched her up on google because google has the weirdest name out of all the search engines and i like that about Google.

(below are some collaged images of Iekeliene's appearance for Baku magazine) 


And what i found is my new favorite model (if it is possible to have a model that you feel is superior then any other model). 
To her awesome introvert sense of style with it's clownish edge, to one of the most memorable and touching moments i have ever seen on the runway, she took off her Lucite Marc Jacobs sandals mid runway, i know she was just like "hey i will just take off these heels off because hey they are giving me blisters". And to make matters better her personal style icon is not one of those memorable stars from the 20th century but the Princess Snow White!   

But the real reason i love Iekeliene Stange is not because her pairing of that velvet jacket with those thrifted Doc Martins is an utterly a "to die for" look, but the true reason i love her is because she is not like any model in this day and age. She does not wear leather pants with a perfect white t-shirt like many models do so that the people hiring them know what their bodies look like. She dresses the way she wants too, no matter if their is a modeling gig up for grabs. She dresses for her own comfort and isn't that what dressing is all about   


  1. She is beautiful...though you have truly painted her beauty with your words and collages. And, yes...for me clothes are all about comfort! Love, Baba

  2. her cheekbones are amazing! love the pictures.

  3. that's exactly what it's about! i like looking at her outfits.

  4. An uncomfortable outfit indeed ruins it all.
    She is so pretty.

    +To Me It Matters+