Saturday, December 8

Sticker Face

Sorry about my lack of posts lately i have been bombarded by a whale size amount of homework, and exams (and also a nasty little cold). 
Well enough about me i know that no one likes to hear a girl who just complains about the amount of school work she has. So moving onto that lovely little outfit posted above, where i am giving you a real whatever stare
I bet you have noticed that my face is covered in stickers. 
I know at first those stickers either look like a severe form of acne or a colorful form of the extinct disease small pox but i guarantee you that they are stickers. I let a 7 year old place her valuable sticker collection all over my face. 
When making this outfit i was going for the whole edgy witch look. 
Dressed in all black, a leather jacket, and paired up with all my dramatic jewelry, i felt pretty confident that i had achieved such a look. 
But all was to be ruined by the under the sea themed stickers placed everywhere on my face including my not yet pierced earlobes that turned me from an edgy gal to sticker face. 

I would be lying by saying that i hate the sticker look for ruining my edgy swagger but i really love the stickers. 
Maybe when I'm older instead of wearing makeup I'll just wear a bunch of stickers. 
The only complaint i have on the sticker makeup look is that stickers are way worst then cheap mascara, they fall off at the slightest bead of sweat. So maybe i should invest in some extra sticky stickers, if there is such a thing. But for now i like leaving a sticker trail where ever i go. 
So i am beginning to rabble, a bit, but to conclude this post, i think the sticker thing just proves to me that i could never work the edgy side of fashion because my love for color self will always shine through whether in the form of underwater sea creature themed stickers or something else that i bet would be equally as wacko.      


  1. what fun! that was nice of you to let the 7 yr old decorate you like a canvas. ;) i like your all black with pearls outfit. it's like goth witch glinda ballerina.

  2. the photos are incredibly edited. i wish i was as good as editing as you...anyway, love the edgy look. i'm in desperate need of a leather jacket; i may have to steal yours. on a totally random note, i saw both your parents at the 2 malls today (i was christmas shopping), and i didn't get a chance to say hi to either of them, but i did notice how much you resemble your mom. does that stound creepy? hopefully not.

    1. No it does not sound weird thanks

  3. What a cute idea! You've found yourself a 7 year old artist ;-)

  4. This is sooo cool! I love the look, the stare, and the blog!

  5. whoaa these pictures are trippy.. you collage like a champ.

    Keep these posts comin'!!