Wednesday, June 20

Comparing That White Afro to a Lookbook

Photograhy: Blake Jacobsen, Model: Seagahana Wilson (awesome name), Makeup: Kali Kennedy, Styling: Brit Nason 

In there last look book Tunnel Vision took to a white room and paired it with bright popping clothing, tons of makeup, and sticky smile face stickers. Which i could only say i loved it as much as I love the aura of the white flowers sticking on the thin branches of the fat tree that once upon a time stood proudly in my front yard. That tree, During the spring time, is nothing but a white Afro made of the perfect white flowers. Its the the kind of fro you just look at and marvel at and you just extinguish just one word from your amazed lips, wow. But yet the tree in my front yard is venomous to the allergic to pollen nose that unfortunately have. That nose sends me into a fits of sneezes filled drool mucus. That white flowered tree in the spring time is how i describe Tunnel Vision's last look book a wonder filled with green mucus.

But with seasons that tree placed in my front yard changed to a green leafed fluffy thang and that's the same with Tunnel Vision's look books and this season i must say was not mucus filled it was a masterpiece.

Right down to the rock encrusted eyebrows (which i assume are there own little tribute to Chanel's winter show) to the perfect styling and photography that looks like it takes place on dooms day or something, this look book is just wow it leaves your eyes wide open and your mouth left to form an 0 and then you resemble that painting The Scream. This look book leaves you looking like The Scream. wow.
(sorry for my overload of wows)

Also i love that model's hair. It makes me want to get blond extensions dye them some weird vibrant purple/ midnight blue and then whack them into my hair.


  1. cleo you are a riot, the way you phrase things is completely original. you are true writer. :)

  2. The photos are beautiful ;)

  3. WOW absolutely amazing photos!!

  4. AMAZING Post!!!


  5. Beautiful photos and a perfect look

  6. Your blog is super cute! Loveeeeee everything here - so inspiring ;)

    ox from NYC!


  7. wow! amazing photos!

  8. So beautiful, pure and sexy, all at the same time.


  9. this lookbook is so stunning! we love it!!


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  10. Thank you so much for the sweet words :*

    / Avy

  11. Me encanta tu nueva foto del perfil.Besos guapa.