Sunday, June 3

Blanca and the Blond Sorcerer


                                                                   photos taken by Sarah
                                                          What Thi Sorcerer is Wearing
                                                                    Dress- Thistlepearl
                                                         Shoes- Franchesca's Collection 
                                                      Cardi- to the H to the M (H and M)
                                                      Necklace- A little gift from a Friend

Summer that's the time of the year devoted towards relaxing and living life to the fullest all while you bask under the heat of the sun. When i was younger i had a hermit crab named Blanca on account of its pearl white shell, even though Blanca changed it's shell a month later the name stuck. Blanca was nocturnal. By day i would press my face against the cool glass in anticipation that just maybe Blanca might breach from her  white shell. But Blanca never did and i released my face from the glass my reflection looking miserable against the glass. But by night i would see blanca peer its string attached with an eye socket out of its shell (hermit crabs have weird eyes). Now that summer is shadowing over us i look towards last summer to see how this upcoming summer can rival the last. As i reflect on last years summer the thought that rules the whole summer into one 6 lettered word, Blanca (the Hermit Crab). I was a hermit the whole summer meaning i sat around watched plenty of TV and I did not really enjoy the great weather that surrounded me i was a big version of Blanca hiding in my white shell by day spending the whole night creeping and crawling around the cage that blocked me from the rest of the world only ever once and  awhile letting the sunlight touch my skin. So my resolution for this coming summer is to oppose to being a   "blanca" and to be someone who really lives this coming summer.

So whats your summer goal?

Well this is a fashion blog sooooo let's discuss my old timey outfit. I don't know what i was thinking with the white lace crochet dress, oxford heels, beige cardi, pedant choker, and above all that blond wig its an absolute disaster and resembles more of an old timey sorcerer then the vintage look i was going for, so of course i love this mess of a look.



  1. cleo, your outfit reminds me of stevie nicks. yes, that's a compliment. :)here's to NOT spending your summer like your old hermit crab blanca. i'm sure you'll go on many adventures.

  2. Anonymous6/03/2012

    i like your hair :) my summer goal...hadn't thought about it. i guess for those of us who don't get a "summer vacation" every summer is just...a summer. but it shouldn't be like that, huh? so my summer goal will be...go on an adventure with my hubby every week. and I wanna let you know that I'm having a Summer Fun Giveaway : ) Hopefully you enter!

  3. your hair's amazing x

  4. Great outfit! We like your look!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  5. J'adore these pics of you..

    From Paris with love!
    Kristina recently posted.. Mont St.-Michel.

  6. Que fotos mas chulas.das un poco de miedo,pero me encantan.besos guapa.

  7. My summer goal is to do a ton of activities outside!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  8. amazing photos :)
    I love your style!!

  9. I really like this dress and you look really nice in it :)

    Tanesha x

  10. loving the dress!!


  11. I loooooove theme-inspired fashionpost and I really like your Witchy Blanca...As for the blond wig, it's brings you into character.
    Fashion should be fun and this is inspirational: so I like the messy look but then again I am a messy person ;)

    *MlleWanderlust *