Sunday, January 27

It Smells Like Teen Spirit

I confess i have never been a big music fan.
i have never been totally connected to a song to the point that i know all the lyrics, to the point that i spend hours and hours listening to it on replay connecting with each line that is released from the singers mouth. 
I have never really been really obsessed with an artist to the point where i have posters up of them on my walls. To the point where i buy concert tickets to go see them, heck i have never even been to a concert. 
i currently have 35 songs on my i-pod and i am in desperate need for more (i know its sad). 
My big New Year's resolution  should have been to become one of those people who is really obsessed with music, one of those people who have a song lyric for everything, and has a t-shirt of the band they just saw last weekend. 
But to get my music obsession rolling i shall began by feeding off of my dear friend's obsession.
Sarah is currently obsessed with Kurt Cobain who was the guitarist/vocalist/song writer of Nirvana (but i think everyone already knows that). 
And though i have only just been getting into Nirvana (and Kurt Cobain) here are some of my favorites done by them. 

(hence the title of the post)

"Kurt was the only one who could wear makeup and a dress 
without looking gay"

Now this here blog is technically labeled a fashion blog so what would it be if i didn't talk about fashion. 
Kurt Cobain often dressed like the opposite sex. 
This stirred a conversation between my mother and i when we were having lunch at Starbucks paired with a casual conversation about Kurt Cobain. My mother thought the reason for his cross dressing was that he had secret lurking sexuality feelings lurking beneath him but i ultimately dismissed these with and i quote,
"He's Kurt mom who cares what he did." 
That ultimately put the conversation ultimately into space never to be seen again by a human eye. 
But this got me thinking why did Kurt where that floral dress in that In Bloom Music video?
Why did he?
  This led me to four possible conclusions One that my mother was right (but i highly doubt it just cause). Two, and this is revelation to the whole world, that he was protesting against pants. Let me explain this one a bit more, I don't think i have said this before but i am not a pants kind of person i hate them to high heavens there constricting and make me feel like an obese oopa loopa. But have you noticed that now a majority of women wear pants everyday when less then a hundred years ago a woman would not be allowed to enter a court room unless they were wearing a dress, look at how far women have come. I will choose the dress over the pant any day but why can't men do the same? Why must it be that when a man wears a dress he is considered "gay" or any other of terms that may not apply to him why can't men wear dresses when women can be allowed to wear clothing that is normally considered for men only? And i feel as if Kurt was trying to convey this message through the dress wearing he was basically saying i am a man and i am enjoying the awesome dress. My third reason is maybe he just wanted his legs and "area" to get some air while he was playing the guitar because i know from experience that it easier to rock on in a dress then in skinny jeans. And my finally i am just over thinking the awesomeness reasoning of Kurt Cobain so i am just going to shut up right now and listen to more Nirvana. 


  1. hahahaha i love the ending! nice post; nirvana is great

  2. love love loveeee the man who sold the world. and honestly, i think there's nothing wrong with cross dressing; if you want to express yourself that way, so be it. no one has the right to tell you how and how not to dress.

  3. I love it when guys can cross dress well - I think it's really hot! And it shows confidence in their masculinity.

  4. that's why they say he helped start the grunge movement of the 90's. i have is book that published his journals. i absolutely adore it.

  5. I love live music - Bruce Springsteen is my fave :)

    Pearls & Paws

  6. This is really nice music! I liked this post a lot.

  7. sara i nominated you for a liebster award, look on my blog for details! :)

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