Saturday, January 12

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Polaroid

My friends and I have recently gotten into the very old very from the age of our parents Polaroid camera though only 3 of the 4 girls in our sister hood of the Polaroids own Polaroids with one of them owning a Polaroid with no film and one of my sisters owning a Polaroid that she is afraid to take out of the house. 
So anyway that just leaves my Polaroid sis-ta Emma who took a majority of the below fabulously beautiful photos unless otherwise noted.  

Here is a wonderful profile picture of me that Emma took while i was ranting about the weirdness of my current profile picture on Facebook so we decided to create a new one and above is the amazing result (i will most likely have this profile picture up for a year or two do to my lack of the need to change a profile picture and the utter awesomeness of this picture).    

I have recently been really obsessed with troll dolls. I like hiding them in places and seeing the horror of people's faces when they see my yellow troll doll with the ice blue hair. I got this picture done so i have a nice picture of my troll for my wallet because he is truly like a child to me. 

This is my friend Sarah who you can also see here.
Sarah and I are attempting to stand on ice in our shoes not ice skates on a lake near our school that has very thick ice.  

This is a wonderful landscape shot taken by Emma it's so peaceful. Emma says this one is her favorite one.

 Another picture of me trying to stand on some ice begging to god that i won't fall through. 

 Here is my home girl Kiana and I throwing rocks in a lake this is one of the favorites of the Polaroid group but i find it amusing because i seem like some sort of bodyguard in my large black flasher jacket. 

I love this one definitely one of my faves it reminds me of something  Juergen Teller the photographer for all those Marc Jacobs ads would do.

 Just your run of the mill dark photo with a Polaroid buddy sniffing their nose (Sarah had a cold).

This last photo was taken by Sarah not by Emma when Sarah pointed the Polaroid camera directly at the sunlight causing Emma to go on one big rant about the cost of film and the waste of film but as the film was developing we were thinking nothing would happen do to the over exposure of light but then this happened and i find it really cool.

You can get the Polaroid camera Emma used in all these shots here

oh and please follow my friend Alisa's new Instagram account where she basically posts these pictures of these photos she has edited.
Her instagram account is @editsofmine.


  1. thanks for the shoutout at the end :) p.s. i'm saving up for this camera or a similar one!! we should do a photoshoot then!

  2. we have to do the dual photoshoot thing! lovin the polaroids

  3. what i like is how these moments were captured for you to look at. those trolls remind me of childhood. your profile pic is very pretty sara! :)