Sunday, September 23

Style Rut

I have currently been in a style inspiration rut. You know that movie star you inspired an outfit by, The edgy rock star from the 90s that made you get that mullet, And that picture of Susie Bubble simply adding layer after layer during NYFW as if it were second nature that has your new mission in life to be a Asian school girl.  These people have all inspired some stylish awkward haircuts, season long fads or even just one outfit you wear to fill in the blank.
Well lately i have been having a drought of inspirational movie stars and mullet inspiring rock stars. And unlike Susie Bubble i need some inspirational stimulants to start my outfits. 
And below you can see the product of a hopefully short lived drought.

   "Youth can wear a different persona each day until they find one that fits."

I consider my self of youth (i am of the age 13). 
And i think this quote represents how I feel. 
i am at a inspiration rut because the constant supplie of influences that have fallen on me have ended but am i in this rut because i have finally found myself have I found the "one that fits"?

Then this started me thinking about what inspires me?
when i look towards inspiration i look for a person a blogger (Susie bubble), a movie character, or heck the imaged perception that comes from a character in a book.
when i look for someone or a certain attitude for "inspiration" i look for someone who is an "outsider" with a complex personality and an even more complex way of dressing.
then i pondered, why do i choose the outsider?

Soon after Audrey Hepburn was in Breakfast at Tiffany's out popped 100s upon thousands of "Audrey's". These women wanted to dress like Audrey because they wanted to recreate the magic she made on the screen eating breakfast at Tiffany's they wanted to be like her.

So i want to put on the skins of outsiders and strange dressers because i want to be an outsider i get some strange satisfaction from drifting away from the crowd.

Now i ask you, dear reader, what inspires you?
What motivates you to look awkward or if your into this kind of thing, normal?
And please give me some inspiration.