Saturday, September 29

A Milestone

Black i wore the color black today.
such I rare occasion for someone who always wears patterns and colors.
Today in class i was asked

  • if i was depressed 
  • if i was turning goth 
  • Are you OK? 
  • And One comment from a friend who has always thought i dressed to colorfully. She thought she was in a wonderful dream. 
And my favorite one

  • Who died in the Family? 
Now see the result of my goth, depressed, not so OK, death in the family rage.


I smell profile pic  

A flash of the knee oh so daring 

I am in a very dark mood notice the black clothing i don't know but over the weekend i found out that maybe the fashion world does not have that much razzle dazzle i originally perceived.
i think the motivator is those "skinny" photos of Karlie Kloss released out to the public by the photographer see here and see the here madness of what is known as 101 5'11 model weighs. Who thought it was awful to airbrush Kloss's not at all to skinny body but "athlttic,slender " body.
 and the photographer's rep:

"it was Greg’s desire to represent Karlie as she naturally is … slender, athletic and beautiful. That is why he released the images as he intended them to be seen by the public. He is shocked and dismayed that unbeknownst to him, Numéro took it upon themselves to airbrush over his original images. Greg stands by his original artwork and cannot stress enough that he not only was unaware of the magazine’s retouching but also finds the airbrushing of Karlie unacceptable and unnecessary."
this was said after before and after pictures of Karlie were released during her nude spread in Numero. And the before picture, and I am not saying that any magazine should airbrush anyone fore it does not represent who they truly are, but in this case where the magazine is releasing nude photos of a women who looks like she belongs in a relief center in Africa where the magazine might run into a teens hands and because we as teens look at skinny as being the one of the main factors in beauty we look at a person like Karlie Kloss who has represented some of our favorite brands such as juicy couture and she looks skinny so we think in our minds that we should be skinny and who are we to judge even the photographer who has seen Kloss in the nude says that she looks "slender,athletic, and beautiful" who are we to falter his accusation all because of one photo.

But wait there's more.

But what has really been bugging me is that of this Dolce and Gabbana scandal, accusations and cries of racism during the D and G spring 2013 runway show not because the earrings and printed dresses featured elaborately dressed blackamoors - which are often times collectible items but can also be a sign of slavery. But what really pissed me off was because even though there collection was partly inspired by these "blackamoors" the whole collection did not feature one African American model.
I don't know but the fashion world has gotten me a bit of a piss session that has me questioning why i fell in love with fashion in the first place (our first major fight a huge milestone in our relationship).
that is why i dress in all black to mourn over the relationship between myself and fashion.

now time to ease the pain i shall show some pictures from Anne Sofie Maden's S/S 2013 campaign by Jens Langkjaer that show the true beauty of fashion and basically dismiss everthing i said from above.


  1. you didnt mention me in your one post dedicated to your one post mentioning black. im dissapointed nelson >:(

  2. wait nevermind...i see me i just dont know how to delete my other comment. NELSON HELP

  3. cleo, first off you know i dig your creative style! i hadn't heard of those stories you shared, until just now. yeah, i definitely disagree with the celebration of unhealthy ultra skinny, that sounds disgusting look. i also think the D & G slavery references sound extremely offensive. did they ever explain why they didn't use even one african-american model? wth? elegant Anne Sofie Maden's campaign by Jens Langkjaer.