Tuesday, September 11

Things that Don't Belong

My own Medium Brown bag 

Flexible Really flexible 

evil stares in the night sky 

acting like an ape

Tiffany and co. tie, Chambray no name shirt similar here, free people dress, don't know the brand
of my shoes
  shoes similar here, funky hat someones Bar Mitzvah. And a medium brown bag.

This green hat placed in this outfit is like my dog placed in a wading pool they don't belong with one another (my dog is to high maintenance and is above swimming). 

I hear the artificial sound of a camera snapping a photo emanating out of the iPhone 4s camera. This happens as my friend takes yet another picture of the ever so flattering "kissy face" (a face where you push out your lips meant to appear attractive). This soon appears on the girl's twitter,facebook,and instagram pages exc. who cares.
My friend looks at me with a quizzical look crossing her eyes.
They say this while there eyes are stare intently at the pressing of the buttons it takes to post  yet another instagram photo, "Why Don't you have a facebook"
I lie as I have always, "I have not got around to making one". i say this while glancing out at a squirrel steal a burnt hot dog clutching it as if it were live itself. 
I point this out to my peers but i lost the brief attention i had received. It was short lived. they then resume back to facebooking (i know it has become a verb) i think to my self this is what you miss in life when you are busy social mediaing a squirrel stealing food from a trash like a common raccoon it was an extraordinary sight believe me.
But I ask you how far does this social media empire go?
something i believe has been scarred by the social media virus is Fashion Blogging.
Under technical terms it is "social media" out lit but i like being a rebel and on my sake it is not.
Once a harmless way to express yourself, your views of fashion, and a place to post pictures of yourself in front  of the mirror; has now become a full blown out thing where fashion blogging is basically a twin to the virus known as social media.
Bloggers like Bryan boy and  the Man Repeller are now "celebrities" due to a wide range of followers.
Due to these success stories its my opinion that people have now done what they have done to every other social media site they have made it a fight for followers to form some sadafactoring feeling of being "popular". Not carrying of the quality of the work in their blogs but the popular dial accelerating. And i think this disease has entered the ever so holy world of fashion blogging  
so what is your views, hate or love this trend where fashion blogging is quickly climbing to social media status?
its not that i don't love getting new followers my heart does a back flip of the thought of someone i don't know loving my work but are these comments and vows of following genuine or something to get there meters of followers higher.
Are these acts of affections ways of getting yourself more popular? 

I personally distaste this trend of fashion blogging has this "journalism" aspect where you can make a difference with words, that social media outlets like instagram and facebook lack.

so what's your view does fashion blogging belong next to social media? Has it caught the virus.     


  1. Super original!!!!!!!!!!!Besos.

  2. I believe, like everything else, fashion blogging is what you make of it. If it reflects your personality or your perspective or both...or if it is critical analysis of designers...it will attract readers...BUT only if it is well written...and has impactful images.

  3. Anonymous10/26/2012

    If your friend wants to take that pic, let her take it. Its not your responcability. I know if SHE were to read this. She would not like it, and i highly doubt she would like u as much anymore. U r only 13?