Tuesday, April 24

Shoe Crush: Jeffery Campbelll's "Lita" (}=

worn in Lita 

floral with some spikes 

red and studded 

tan worn in 

My personal Favorite of the Lita crochet 

leather and spikes a natural choice 

I love these classic Lita 

making leather heels look girly way to go 

someone spilled some paint

Spikes + Leather = a perfect combo  

Give me some neon

I want them all 


These Lita shoes even make twilight look good 

Why can't they all be in my closet 

The Lita shoes are on fire 

I currently have a major crush on Jeffery Campbell's Lita, a bootie with both a major platform and major heel and don't forget the thousands of different desighns they come in (feutured above). Ahh whats not to love. I keep seeing them pop up everywhere and for some reason its formed a crater in my heart where i just haveto have them. Ignoring my moms comments saying that these irisistable shoes look like clown shoes (they do not) I still stand strong with my love for these shoes. 

which ones your fave mine are the crochet ones in the 5th pic 

There available here and here 


  1. how many pairs do you have? I want more :(


  2. Lovely! I think the classics are my favorite


  3. i sooo crush on these too! :)

  4. These Lita shoes are Awesome! my favourites I think, would be the Crochet shoes. xx Mandy

  5. Very nice, I want those studded ones! X