Tuesday, April 17

Snotty Looks and Cheap shoes

What is she wearing 
shorts- some nice cutoffs cut by moi 
army green jacket-where else but J.crew 
neon cardi (missing a button)- i seriously do not know
plaid shirt-dug out from the bottom of my closet (another beauty here)
shoes-Urban Outfitters (kinda of similar ones here)

pics by Mary Frisby 

Just noticed the snotty look i gave to my shoes. the snotty look says that i hate them, which is the truth we share a strong love hate relationship the hate part being that they are sooooooooooooo hard to balance in but its so worth a few extra blisters because there so cute (that's the love part). Going to massage my feet now (that's what i get for scoring $10 shoes during a super sweet sale). Biya 



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