Wednesday, April 4

Sipp-in in East Hampton

who has two fingers and went to East Hampton this girl 

OMG I hate how OMG looks but Hildreths looks mighty find and sells just about anything 

Hildreths makes me want to buy everthing to this yellow candle but i hate yellow 

Comthy'est sofa EVER but those shoes not so much.....................

for all you Hunger game fans out there (myself included).............

Tada!!! love this weird akward pose 

Dramatic pose 

eye eye sailor 

awesomest vintage store ever it selled that baby down there

Ya i know thats me touching a Berkin  

Sipp-in in East Hampton 

cute little braclet from where else then J.Crew 

what i wore when i spilled yogurt on myself
painful shoes- francescas collections
Fly fly butterfly top- h and m
new steal from and awesome sale priced plaid fur jacket (SO cozy)-free people
Fave washed jeans- j.Crew similar one here

Hey y'all! i went to east Hampton to see my Aunts awesome play ,in which she was even more awsome in then the over dramatic sope themed play that i absolutly fell for. East Hampton has awesome shopping so before the play I cruised around its rad vintage shops (one hosted a Berkin IKR) and cafes. I also picked up one sea foam green bracelet that may replace my desperate need to dye my hair this seaish color (i know weird i want to dye my hair the color of my bracelet). I also went to an awesome little department store that cured all my needs cause it selled basically everthing besides clothing but there are already more clothing stores then i can count in East Hampton (thanks Hildreths for curing all my desires).

WARNING!!- don't wear heels to East Hampton cause you might find your self begging for mercy


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