Sunday, May 13

Evil Twins

I know i am wearing a fur hat even though its the end of spring (its cute)

2 of me what a nightmare

what face type was i doing to get my face blurred out


two of me again it just keeps getting better and better 

photos done by Mary Frisby

Blurry Gal is Wearing
 Tan jacket- get somethang similar to it here
black button down dress (which is half tucked in cause i was to lazy to tuck the rest back in)- IDK
shorts- little cheepies from old navy wish they were more distressed like these babies
shoes- urban outfitters get these soul mates here

sorry about the awkward location that is my basement. The basement applies a natural yellow tinge that resembles much as if i drew a yellow highlighter over them or peed over them but well what are you going to do? Also i apologize for the extreme blurriness of the photos somethang about a ratty basement and a lazy Sunday day that just makes pictures just naturally blurry.

Well this vintage (a cool fancy way of saying old) basement and I share many fond memories. I believe also it was the birth of the eternity long relationship between fashion and moi. It was in this very basement with its florescent lights and pee stains from those awful years of trying to potty train my dog which hosted the scenery of my imagination acted out with frilly tutus, this was also known as playing dress up (for those technical people). In this very basement i was a princess casted to faraway lands, the female version of Indiana Jones (funny cause I'm watching an Indiana Jones movie right this very moment) but overall this place hosted to all my wildest dreams and when i was younger i always had costumes to mach these dreams. Playing dress up for me was like escaping to a magical land created by me and wearing wacko costumes just got be ever so closer to this "magical land". 

but eventually i grew out of toule tutus and plastic shoes but me being me did not want to leave the over the over the top impractical cloths behind so me being me decided to hop onto the fashion wagon wear i can dress as a posh as Indiana Jones or a rebellious princess all while remaining simply fashionable.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.
-Albert Einstein

Oh and Happy Mother's Day i know mine will be filled with joy and happiness with the lifetime movies playing in the background celebrating my mom being a mom. Ahh mother's day.  


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  1. Anonymous5/13/2012

    Thank you for sweet words on my blog:) ..I have instagram now..I hope you will follow me there if you have it:)
    have a awesome week.

    LOVE M

  2. My favorite fur hat!!!!

  3. love the jacket!

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  4. cleo, quite beautiful writing for a beautiful girl, in a beautiful outfit. fur hat in spring? bring it for it looks cool on you. you know some people use photo editing to create the yellow atmosphere, that your basement does naturally. so it can't be all bad, eh? ;)

  5. Me encantan tus fotos locas y muy buena idea que luego se viera bien el look.muy guapa y los collares una pasada.


  6. Love these urban outfitters shoes, so cool <3

  7. Anonymous5/16/2012

    what a fun photo shoot!


  8. great jacket! xx

  9. love the photos, especially how it looks as if you "peed over them" hahah. sweet post!

    great blog by the way, come and visit mine if you get a chance :)