Saturday, May 5

Tis our Era Boring

photos done by Mary Frisby 
W-H-A-T are you wearing?
too white sweater- IDK
plaid flannel- old little thang found on the bottom of my floor similar one seen here
tank dress- Forever 21 really rad identical one seen here
shoes- J.crew why not get the twin here
cute bike (with a way to high seat)- Cynthia Rowley
weird head wrap thingy- free people 

its a commonly asked question,what era do you consider your outfit to be influenced by? I would say for the above outfit it was influenced by the 70s to the over large Ceelo Green glasses to the my weird head wrap thing and fringe belt. We use the past to inspire and describe what we make in fashion today. To fashion shows such as Dsquared2 which was heavily influenced by the early 60s (beehives, preppy yet edgy silhouettes) to Ralph Lauren Collection was described as "the 1920s" (drop waisted dresses bowler hats).  we use the past to inspire us and to get our point across. when it comes to fashion we always draw the past up as a reference for today. Instead of using adjectives we say "that is sooooo the 70s" or "that is sooooo the 1920s." But we never say "that is sooooo now" is that because our era is boring or that we just love using examples from the past to sound more "vintage"? 

It is to my belief that our era is somewhat on the boring side when i look at my classmates today i see jeans and a t-shirt as the daily wear compare that to the wide bell bottoms and perms of the 70s our "era" is overshadowed. is this why we look back at the past for the past holds what we believe are the golden years of fashion or do we look at the past to sound more "vintage"?

We have all been there that moment that we just want to shine by saying something that no one really knows about. Maybe that the reason we refer to the past as a influence so we sound more knowledgeably and like we have been there done that. we comment on the era the outfit is influenced by to sound like the alpha in the situation. 

Free People Holiday Catalog "Through the Ages" takes a look at fashions most coveted ages to the elegant 1920s to the rocking 1970s but it wasn't the breathtaking photos influenced by the past that made me really fall in love with this catalog it was the play on what the early 2000s were like influenced by no era, "its time for the nouveau grunge era, decadence mixed with a relaxed laid-back look" and then i thought maybe are era is not as boring as I thought and its alright for fashion to be influenced by the past fore the past is what makes us uniquely................ us.
And fore all we know People in the future can be looking at today's fashions for influence 

How would you describe our era share your thoughts in the comments below 

Free people catalog(Holiday 2011) "Through the Ages" Age- 2010s

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  1. i adore your outfit, no matter what decade it's influenced by. :) i personally favor the styles of the 1960's & 1970's. i don't know how i would define the style of the 2000's.

  2. These are gorgeous photos! I really love how you styled the layering of the shirts. The headpiece and sunnies are great too!


  3. so nice photos!:) I really like your hair!:) Follow you back dear! Kisses!

  4. Que guapa,me encanta tu look y tu bici,yo tengo una vintage y muchas ganas de usarla ya.besos y gracias por pasarte por nuestro blog.

  5. Anonymous5/07/2012

    Really cool look! love the jacket and i like very much your hair!


  6. Hi lovely,
    I totally love this outfit!!
    Great photos;)
    I just found your's so cute!!
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  8. These pics are amazing girl!!! you look great in those shoes and your hair is so sexy!!!

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