Saturday, May 19

Photograher: Zoey Grossman

peace out

mirror mirror on the wall why are you taking a photo of me?

what are you lookin at?


nothing like some super market cart racing

I apologize for the overwhelming amount of photos.

It may be the fact that i grew up surrounded by paintings by my Grandmother that were as my my mother would say were quite revealing of the human anatomy and the fact that my father marveled these paintings and expressed this fondness by plastering those photos basically in every room except by plain no paintings walls of my room. These paintings provided many questions to my young mind and made me an expert on the human anatomy by the time i reached kindergarten. It may be due to these paintings that my admiration and my fondness to Zoey Grossman provocative photography is very high. Zoey Grossman a photographer for the blog purse n' boots (one of my fave blogs judging from my fav blog rundown to the left) and photographs many of the lookbooks for planet blue and takes awesome photos for countless other things has a way of making provocative images elegant and artistic.

Her photos remind me much of my Grandmother's paintings which obviously reminds me of my grandmother herself. I view my grandmother as an elegant Artistic women who is very strong willed. Zoey Grossman's photography reminds me much of my grandmother's paintings that resemble much of free willed lines forming a nude person most times. these abstract artistic lines remind me of Zoey Grossman's photographs for they both have a provocative side (my grandmother enjoys painting nude women Zoey Grossman can't help taking photos of her models in the nude) and both photos and paintings have an effortless simple elegantness to them that i just marvel at.

Speaking of my self the photographs remind me of what i strive for my personal style to be like edgy with a  frilly girly side and don't forget lots and lots of jewelry. In an interview when Zoey Grossman was asked "Are you a tomboy" she answered "Most definitely not, I love everything girlie".   This love of "everything girlie" is expressed in her photography fore when i look at each one of her photos i see something colorful or something filled with flowers or something i pinpoint as girlie for example the photo above the way she captured the models pose is no where near edgy, it is a curious pose with a curious face with pointed toes which for me = girlie. The edgy side of things is revealed in Grossman's photography through just the fact the way the models come alive when she photographs them. when she takes photos of these models they no longer look constipated and as if they did not eat enough. just look at the 26th photo down, though there is no edgy scenery the model expresses this natural edginess that i never see in photos done with other photographers. Only Zoey grossman can naturally fuse girliness and edginess to make a perfect combination.

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    wow, that was such a beautiful series of photos!!


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