Tuesday, July 3

Weird Sad Clown Creepin in an Alleyway

dress- free people, Plaid shirt-idk, shoes- urban outfitters, vest- j.crew, belts around waist-shoelaces, hat-forever 21

I got looks, I must admit. 
                             creepin down a white brick alleyway
                                     as some weird concoction of Johnny Depp meets some hippie  
                                                           my mom said that I resembled a sad clown 
                                                                                                 i think i resemble the mad hatter 
speaking of hats I must have to say this Forever 21 hat which was a perfect cheepie has not left my blond/brunette head since i purchased it. 
now i am in search of a cheap IIndiana Jones hat. 
Any suggestions?



  1. The sunglasses are so cool!

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  2. are u wearing makeup or are u sunburned?

    1. thank for your kind words and i just got a really bad sunburn

  3. cleo, you look stunning! then again you always do. i vote for mad hatter. this outfit is one of my faves. i'm inspired. seriously.

    1. thank you so much i always find inspiration in other blogs (including your own) and it is so nice that someone else is inspired by my work. (it was ideal goal when i started this blog) blog is such a disgusting word it sounds like something you would spat out.

  4. Anonymous7/04/2012

    LOVE that dress!

  5. Such a unique sense of style! Love all the comparison's you make - Johnny Depp, weird clown, Mad Hatter...can't go wrong in the company of that bunch!

    hahah, you're so funny. My mom always makes comments on what I wear too. Listen to your heart, gurllll. Socks w/ the shoes is totally workin' for you.

    Love your poses too.


    1. i try to follow my heart but if i did'nt follow my mom's "sugestions" when it comes to fashion i would be wearing some weird stuff thanks for your comment.

  6. Wow!!!!!este look es muy,muy de moda,me encanta,has arriesgo mucho y eso me encanta.Besos.