Thursday, July 5

"black and white black and white............."

Source: Stockholm Streetstyle

Hey y'all. 
currently. Right now I am really into modern style which in my mind is just turning modern architecture into something you wear. 
Modern style is very simple and includes geometric shapes and weird different fabrics (ahem leather {which is not that weird unless its in a different color not included into the basic leather family of color [pink]  and the leather is really stiff}, plastic, some really cool see through fabric, and exc.) 
SO the above outfit is soooooooooo modern (in my weird hazel eyes) due the lack of print, basic solid print, that weird stiff leather, and the total lack of any over layering accessories. This outfit which has only 2 colors (another modern accent) black and very little white only seen in the mail letter clutch.
I love this look it makes me want to own more black then the one stitch I have in my closet
and the hint of white in the clutch defiantly a keeper. 
Well now I'm rambling SO i love this look i love the modern look but i am not going modern anytime soon (i can not abandon my layering needs and leather makes me sweat).

below is a similar look but the pop of white is seen in the loose knit (another different fabric) tank top but don't worry i will not be rambling on about this one (=

Source: See by Chloe

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