Sunday, October 7

Dressing to the Extreme Style Icon: Ulyana Sergeenko,

I think somewhere in between those years where the Gap released those dreadful commercials where they tried to make Khakis hot and those last few years where stick straight hair has become the norm.

I think somewhere between those years we lost sense on dressing to the extreme. 

Remember those years back in the 1800s when it took 10 people would dress Marie Antoinette and the result was a ball gown just for a walk in the park.

"Everything Is an Occasion"
- said by the lovely person who writes this blog (me)

I say this to anyone who questions me dressing to the extreme. 

I think extreme dressing- is the over dressing for the occasion.
For instance for school 
I could be wearing a t-shirt and jeans which is "correct" clothing for the occasion.
 what i wear: 
I have only worn pants twice since the school year commenced and both were not related to denim 
and my "t-shirt" is the over layering of dresses 

And when i get those lovely calls of 
"why the heck do you where 7 layers on when it is 80 degrees outside"

 I say to these lovely admirers 
"Everything is an occasion" 
 (even school) 

And i think someone who is definitely is an "extreme dressing" is that of 
Ulyana Sergeenko,
Designer and photographer extraordinaire 

Even when wearing denim she looks couture

Ulyana has a romantic and theatrical style that is unmistakably and is seen throughout her designs for her brand.
Ulyana brings us floating back to the days of forbidden love created by Shakespeare her style is utterly romantic. 
And who could forget her Jean Paul Gaultier look (the romantic goth look featured above) where she stepped out in her own design wearing something i will soon grab as the dress i will wear when i become a trophy wife and my husband dies dress. 
She wears veils, long princess like poufy skirts, and turbans all during the street style of fashion week where it has now become acceptable for you to wear denim and a t-shirt as long as your accessories are over the top (nothing against the Man Repeller and her T-shirt saying "All blogs post the same stuff" I took offence to that because i feel my blog posts similar stuff not the same stuff). She over dresses for fashion week (which is very hard)
And her designs even have the seal of approval from Lady Gaga (the queen of over dressing for the occasion has worn some of Ulyana's desighns). 
Do i have to argue my case anymore. 
And now I proclaim
Ulyana Sergeenko,
a style Icon for dressing to the extreme. 
and now i am giving my take on her unforgettably style 
with an all black ensemble, a tea length skirt, and a hat that is unmistakably Ulyana. 

Happy Sunday!!!!!


  1. Love this homage to Ulyana. She is absolutely incredible and always looks stunning. xx

  2. I love your blog! Follow each other?

    All the best!

  3. cleo, your look is wearable without being over the top, so if it were a contest, i would vote for you. ;)

    1. I like dressing in this blog you posted. In picture #1 & #2 skirts are awesome. Very nice & stylist designing by designer.

  4. Great post. I really love her style and you've recreated it so well!