Tuesday, August 28

Why Not go Short

when i was younger i dreamt of cutting my then long mermaid like tendrils in favor of short hair and petite bangs i also dreamed of walking on the beach with my newly short hair flowing out in the wind and to add some icing on the cake i also wanted my hair to be pink. I know now that as i tell you this you all cringe as if i just gave you on your birthday no less a suit made entirely of body hair you cringe to be polite, thank you (by the way). 
But you have to understand my hair is curly to the point of naturally being a 70s Afro so bangs and a short bob are a far distant dream. But to those of you with straight hair (i envy you) this look is something to now be desired according to Chanel's recent resort collection.

After years of hippie hair (for both girls and guys) Chanel is in tuned with my horrible childhood dream of cotton candy short bangs short hair look proving the mini me is always correct.
Well Chanel stayed true to the world's fashion motto,

"Anything you find hideous we find (metaphorically of course) beautiful and works of art."
-the people of fashion.

By adding wigs of super short hair with horrid bangs in all sorts of cotton candy colors Chanel is showing us the outcome of leaving  kid in the bathroom with grownup scissors but of course this is fashion and i speak on behalf of all my fashion peers that we find Chanel's more raggedy 20s inspired bob modern and trendy.
But Chanel was the first of many to feature what is now becoming the "it" hair do.

I give the short bang, short bob look the award of the "it" hairdo due to its almost sudden appearances in adds such as Gucci and Chanel's fall winter add campaign. Paired with the recently awarded bushy brow, which is the biggest beauty statement, this shortesque hair and two bold black brows make an excellent pair against crime when it comes supporting all things grotesque and man repeller making this years big beauty statement and this years new "it hair" a perfect representation of all things fashion.

But where you asked might this trend have emerged.
well my reliable sources (Note: my reliable sources are just me making stuff up to sound smartish) state that this is the year of the dragon pending towards the near obvious trend for fall winter, the boyish leather look with everything being black trend, that has fashion people blaming the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (hence year of the dragon) and more specifically Rooney Mara for this most sudden trend of girls with piercings and all things leather.
though the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has a more shaved head then the ever so desirable "it" look it still looks like you did it yourself on a bathroom sink with grownup scissors which is the whole "it" look.
short bags and short bob channel your childhood and remind you of that time you got gum in you hair and your mother cut most of your hair to short including the bangs which are probably a pain in the ass to grow out just to get that tiny harmless piece of gum your brother so innocently placed in your hair to make sure you get a hobo like 20s inspired bob done by your truly, your mom 
 but are you going to take the leap a dive some grownup scissors into your hair?


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  2. i have short hair..and a 75% black wardrobe, I FEEL IN TREND

  3. so so awesome! love it!! my sister cut her hair super short as well, she loved it! xx


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  5. Some chicks look RAD with short hair, if you have the guts to do it!!
    Ive always been too scared!

  6. cleo, hell to the no, i won't go! ;) i agree with liana, some ladies do look rocking cool with short hair. yes, i've had short hair, and i just kept wanting it to grow out.

  7. Me encanta este corte de pelo,yo me lo haria.