Saturday, March 31


even this UPJ (unidentified piece of jewelry) looks good on my dirty bathroom floor

Well Hello!! i know i have not blogged in like 4 days (which i believe is a record, for me). Shame on me for being a terrible blogger but if you dare to read my last post you will come to terms with me and see i had a legit reason to abandoning y'all (i am going western again).  Well about a week before my disappearance i discovered a piece of jewelry that i can only identify as a UPJ (an unidentified piece of jewelry) it coils into a a ton of shapes such as mustaches and glasses and i find myself wearing it as necklaces to bracelets so i don't really know what to call this piece that has been attached to me all week. So to begin this post i wanted to show you a ton of different ways to wear this UPJ. 

Look at me clutching this antique door knob as i wear this UPJ as a bracelet/ring/awesome way to wear this piece  

"look at me now, look at me now what "
me wearing this awesome piece of UPJ as an the obvious bracelet 

giving my best strong person stance as i wear this UPJ as an upper arm bracelet 

love this pic i think i have gone crossed eyed...........
wearing the UPG as a cool crown like thingy 

whose looking at my extreme distressed jean short shorts i know i am looking at this UPJ as a belt, though those shorts are a bit distracting 

live from New Jersey i am just giving you a boring necklace 

now i give a knotted necklace 

can you find it?
the UPJ as a collar necklace 

little old me spicing up my little old bun with the UPJ

look at it my dad is getting in on the fun of this UPJ he is highlighting his fav thing his bald spot 

started to run out of ideas so you get a UPJ resembling more as a pile of poop on some scrap pieces of paper.

anymore ideas would me useful so comment your ideas below to make this UPJ even more awesome

i got this UPJ at Francesca's collections in there awkward bowl of jewelry




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  2. I think the last one is the best way to wear it ;-)