Tuesday, August 7


Well below you, not underneath your feet dimwit, no below you on your glowing computer screen beholds the story of when i saw the moon at 6 am still bleary eyed because i am technically a teenager and as one i have a scheduled time of waking up at the least, past noon. But the sight i saw dragged me away from my white covers that i retreat to ever time i wake up to early and my feet carried me like a blindfolded Zombie to see a sight that was beyond Gorgeous  for Montauk standards  (the awesome town in which i am  sitting my butt at for a few weeks) which are pretty high.  

I woke up a few mornings ago to the soft whispered sound emanating from the waves and the tweaking, twirping, of the early bird. And after struggling, in this near perfect atmosphere, to pry open my eye lids i glided over to the deck that beheld a magnificent view of the BayBeach (a beach in a bay Note: this is not a technical term just something made up by a brilliant mind)
The Baybeach (try saying that ten times really fast) took my morning breath away (leaving my mouth minty fresh and the air around me smell like SH--, poop). The pier, that jutted out like peninsula, glistened with a fresh misty dew that was attached on it as if pierced with glue. The water lapping at the  piers edge was almost a Caribbean blue with specks of light and white sea foam. And the clouds, the clouds, some dark leftover from night and some fluffy and big were caching onto the suns rays making them appear as if they were dipped in a sunset orange. But the most shocking of them all was the moon hanging low in the sky amongst the dark and gray clouds, a full belly moon.

It was morning at my aunts home with the good view when i saw this peculiar sight the moon the sun on opposite ends of a battle field. The sun with white clouds  all surrounding it. The robust clouds were like pawns of battle, they were cast away with such ease. The light from the sun's rays gave the fat clouds orange specks and the urge to move forth. Then the moon with its dark thin low hanging Stratus clouds that were to be sacrificed amongst the battlefield they resemble spirits more then dark fog they were.
then the battle comanced while i endivered on my Special K.
Then when I swiveled around to gather more milk.
And when i turned back around all that fills the sky are white puffy clouds dipped in dripping scarlet sunlight.
I viewed the dark clouds retreating with the tired moon on there shoulders because the day belongs to the bright ball of light and not the maker of waves.
And then i think to myself how much i love the thing that orbs over the night rather then the thing that gives me nourishment and light and i think what a great breakfast with the view of a battle where i wish the looser had won.

well Because i think about this spectacular blog 24-6 (the Sunday is reserved to being lazy and using my dogs Buddha belly as a pillow ha you thought i was going to say church)  i whipped out the old Nikon and started snapping away at the sight of the battle spilling me Kellogg's as i was so engrossed. 

Until i observed the pictures and saw the dipping below the thin black clouds the pale white moon UN seen by my pictures. I started egging the moon on prophting it with my camera urging begging for it to unveil itself from its cover up just for one picture. 
But the cowardly moon stayed hidden scared of the light of the sun's rays. I gave it one last disgruntled look and went off to take a warm shower. Right before i was about to leave for a day filled with stuff i saw it, the white moon, mocking me peeking it's cowardly cratered head at me. 
i could just imagine the devilish grin placed squarely in the middle of its round face. As if it was geared towards me or the sun i will never know but i will know is that winning smirk said "i will be back" because the moon always turns full.
i blink away storing the sight into that filing cabinet in my brain labeled "witty moon" (mind it is quite a small file and i was to lazy to take an actual picture but this sounds more poetic).  

Moonlight gives a gently moonshine over the ocean it shimmers at night reflecting off of the moons aura because instead of rays that the sun emanates the moon is more of a light a circular orb that hangs as if on a string above the night sky eliminating the fright from children's eyes. 
Its brethren with the small stars that speckle the sky. 
Days ago, when dancing beneath the white light of the moon i thought that i saw the stars move up and down as if they were puppets and the Full moon remained still and stiff wise from so many attacks it knows not to dance because soon it will not be a whole pie but slightly hidden by the night sky.

Blazer - J.crew 
Skirt - Free People 
Plaid shirt - IDK 
shoes - My own two feet

When I was younger i dreamt of being an astronaut to reach for the stars but then i realized i hated space and loved fashion

i like the moon better then the sun it must be due to the fact that i have a twin bro and i can relate to Artemis (the Greek goddess of the moon) on the subject of hatred toward our lovely twins. The moon also has more mystery to it and can even light up the dark without using harmful rays but just its natural glow. 
So what's it to you Sun or Moon

All images besides the ones of me via Tumblr and the ones of me taken by my wonderful Aunt, Baba   


  1. Impresionantes imagenes.estas preciosa.Besos.

  2. Your outfit that you are wearing on the beach is one of the most stunning I've seen on all the hundreds of fashion blogs I've seen recently. I simply adore how you paired a rough hewn plaid shirt with a gauzy sheer flowing skirt with bare feet!!

    Loving your blog,

    1. What else would you wear to the beach then your own two feet and any way i wanted to show off my tan (=
      And on your Fantastic commplement it really warms my heart thanks!!!

  3. cleo, you look fantastic dancing in the moonlight, but then you always do. go on moonbeam writing queen. maybe we love the moon because she seems mysterious with a hint of darkness, like she knows something we may never fully understand?

    1. I love your view on the moon Teddi (=

  4. NICE BLOG & GREAT STYLE!This post is pretty and so glam!!
    check my BLOG if u want!<3