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Review: Comme Des Garcons: fall 2012-13:

My soul mate is fashion  but there is just  some things that have always bugged me about my lover and that are those petty rules of the fashion dos and do nots 
never wear dark colors in the summer 
never shorts in the winter 
no knee high boots with a knee length skirt 
do: look perfect (and skinny) in everything you wear 

Fashion is filled with those unspoken rules that if broken you will receive a head to toe look and a face from your fashion peers that is equivalent to that "you cut the cheese really badly look". Some of these "hidden" rules are beneficial such as don't wear socks with a flat pair of sandals or else you just may end up looking like a male tourist. But then who says i can't wear leather during the summer just because i will most defiantly pass out  it is strictly a winter fabric. Well I say these "hidden rules" suck and i will try to my best attempts to brake each and ever one personally (because i was a rebel during my kindergarten years).  i mean whats the worst result that can happen to myself a lashing on fashion police and a famous "you cut the cheese look".
And I think Comme des Garcons agrees with me and it is their #1 goal in their Fall 2012 ready to wear show  to break every one of these hidden rules.
  Instead of following a bunch of rules Comme Des Garcons with their incorporation of bold extenuating the hips jackets and dresses (never look as if you got curves one of the #1 rules), floral literally from head to toe(a big fall don't), and light airy cotton candy colors dripping off of what 
appears to be 2 dimensional figures (3-D has always been in) broke all the rules.

Review: Comme Des Garcons: fall 2012-13 ready to wear
i thoroughly enjoyed the Comme des Garcons show featuring  cliche patterns of camo, polka dots, and checkered print and don't forget the click clackady clogs that have heels under 5 inches clacky down the runway at the beat of no music and judging by the ten minute applause as the finale it was defiantly a winner among all fashion editors and the strict headed people of fashion. 
When i view back on this collection my first thought is "finally they have invented a wardrobe dedicated to flat Stanley's girlfriend" to the evening wear Stephanie (the girlfriend) will be so happy to wear due to the overuse of sequins (she is a glamorous one)  and those evening wear dresses that rethink the old phrase two for one special because of the clever way a dress was drawn on top of another one (maybe to make these plump figures look just a tad bit thinner because this is fashion by the way). The evening wear wrapped up the finale of the show like any typical show but the fact that the dresses were only slightly altered from their twin cotton candy color dresses (the only difference : sequins and length and the dark colors used) made the evening wear feel more natural and not so much made up.  The whole collection was also as flat as a pancake making me think that the world has gone flat again. But thankfully for style bubble we get to view these magnificent objects of wear from the back and boy due we see plenty.
Though the designer, Rei Kawakubo, for the show clearly states “Two dimensions are the future” and her flat Stanley show you can see the first glimpse of the future but then when looking towards the back of the clothing you see 3-D junk jutting out like razors as if giving a salute to the past and giving a hello to the future of the 2-D.
The show also appeared as if Kawakubo was poking fun at how we all make things big in the details with the overuse of mixing fabrics and embroidering and never making the clothes actually big. And Kawakubo, fulfilling are dreams of fluff filled baby toys, made them big and flat as if she rolled out the clothing with a rolling pin.
The absence of a soundtrack, the flat clothing, the goodbye salute to all things 3-D, and the law breaking collection made Comme des Garcons Fall 12-13 ready to wear collection one of my favorites for giving a smug look at fashion and saying yes i just did that i just broke all the unspoken rules of fashion with no lashing from the fashion police and a reward of an applause that lasted ten minutes for doing so.
So now that you see you can get away with that hint of floral during the winter are you going to do it break that solid barrier of winter and summer and wear light colors this upcoming winter?  


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  1. oh cleo, you make me laugh! go on rule breaker since kindergarten. :)