Friday, August 17

Reveiw: Celine : 2012 : fall/winter : ready to wear

Before Celine's fall/winter 2012 show Phoebe Philo (the pregnant designer for the show)  says to a rather small buzzing crowd of reporters for such a big event. 
“Ergh, I’d rather not say anything this season,” Philo laughed. “Just write what you see.” 
And i intend on doing just as Philo ordered.

'A brand now revolutionized by Phoebe Philo for the the "modern women" the "working mom" who handles it all' says all fashion reviews. But after seeing Celine's fall/winter RTW collection my thoughts have spiraled into a slightly familiar universe. 
I say slightly similar universe because the collection incorperated quite business like structured pieces known to be in the "modern women's" closet,  paired along with with fuchsia fur and color blocking jackets, golden shoes, and don't forget iconic western scarves not some peices you would find in the closet (the collection by doing this sends me mixed feelings). 
The clothing seen in the collectoin are not all a part of a  "business women's" wardrobe that most reveiws were priding Celines collection on being perfect for, but i love it anyway because it takes Celine away 
from other "modern labels" such as 3.1 Phillip Lim and Calvin Klein.  
As with ever carnival a runway show has its main attraction in the case of Celine's show the "main attraction" were there stiff mid-calf coats that paired most outfits in some way or another.
As the models strutted down the clean pristine gray concrete runway enclosed by "fake" white walls (which is a understatement to the normal over the top runway shows that are more closely related to carnivals then models showing off clothing, the jackets did not move a bit they enclosed the model like a floating cocoon making magic come from basic clothing.

to create the "perfect" show everything must be fined tuned, cohesive, to everything else in the show including the styling. 
the styling of the show featured straight sleek hair making me very envious and dark eyeshadow around the eyes otherwise commonly known as the "smoking eye" (notice my stupidity towards makeup i am still what would be called an amateur ). 
  The sleek long hair points to our generation's ever fascination with the straightening iron (depressing curly hair gals like my self) and burning our hair to the point our hair is flatter then a pancake (yes i am comparing hair to food)
this hair that is the equivalent to pancakes on a food form (and i am not talking about those no fluff pancakes no those real flat ones) shows the quite business modern aspects of the collection while the
smoking eye profiled the fun fuchsia aspect to this just fine collection. 
white walls, gray concrete floors, a perfect scene for what you would say was a walking of skinny girls wearing basic cloths in basic colors otherwise known as a perfect scene for what you would call a "modern" runway show.
The runway was relatively short lacking the usual length of a runway show which is normally the size of a Football Feild (no wonder those models are so skinny)
the usual flash of the photographers nosy cameras was lacking.
this was due to the small amount of parasites photographers.
the audience of the show included mostly high raining officials of Fashion that praised the low key event. this is again an example of the conflicting show not knowing what to decide between a modern cheque look or a different more colorful low key approach.  
Celine's fall winter 2012 ready to wear show
included stiff  jackets, pants and sweaters, and basic shoes in both gold and white, this was paired with western like Hermes scarves draped all westernly around the necks, then as a dramatic finale like a final punch fuchsia fur jackets strutted there way down the aisle.
The show seemed to have a taken to an identity crisis on whether or not to go completely modern meaning stiff business like figures dull colors and basic shoes or to favor its counterpart which included, basic eye popping colors unique fabrics, and bold colored shoes, and of course fuchsia jackets. 
the show striding in between low key and dull modern makes it stand out from other shows making it utterly Celine.
Fuchsia Jackets
(what a finale)



  1. cleo, magnificent descriptions! i like the scarf element because it's so unexpected. i'm digging the structured coats/jackets with the interesting collars. i did NOT like the huge coats, because for my short body type, they would swallow me, & make me look short & pudgy. who wants that? not i! my hair has natural wave too. i think most of the long straightened hair on the models, is extensions anyway, don't you?

  2. Love those pictures and the descriptions! Amazing garments! :D
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  3. is a very beautiful collection!:) xoxo

  4. Beautiful sets of outfits! Very inspiring!

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