Friday, August 3

secrets what's your view

I love how none of the pictures match what i am about to talk about 

i have never had any humongous secrets nor have i ever told anyone the secrets of my aspirations, embarrassing moments, and guilty actions.  I have lately been thinking about secrets ever since coming upon this post in My Mother Fucked Mcjagger (2000) I contemplated for awhile deciding whether or not to release a secret to the world wide web a small secret i have never told anyone and leave it chance whether or not it would come back to haunt me forever like some weird ghost spirit that you stole a dollar from in the second grade, i decided not to simply........... because. (imagine me shrugging)
I thought for awhile about the quick decision, thinking it was in fact a missed chance to get something of my chest. Until i watched Moonrise Kingdom did i realize the line "secrets secrets are no fun unless shared with ever one" was now to  be viewed in a new light.
here's what happened:
The main female character (Suzy) reveals her hidden stash of books to Sam her boyfriend and he realizes that they are all library books and Suzy has stolen them then Suzy says that she didn't know why she stole the books besides the fact she wanted a secret.
(wow that was just a great retelling so many Thens sarcastic)  

And that started me thinking besides from, being afraid to tell the secret because your afraid of the persons reaction, were people keeping secrets behind a dam because they enjoyed having something they only know about?  
people like keeping a secrets they like having something that they are the only ones to know about they like the slight hinge of rebelliousness that comes along with keeping a dirty one. 

Secrets are good, there maybe healthy like an apple and without them and also gossip our world would not run a muck and i like my world better when its muck then never when its almost perfect. 
Because perfection is no fun. 
SO "secrets secrets are fun when kept quiet"


  1. I LOVE your inspiration photos! xx


  2. cleo, when i read avy's post a few days ago my comment was "h3ll no, i'm not telling you a secret"... or something like that, i cant remember my exact words. i was like, why should i? when how do i even know that what she writes is even the truth? did you ever wonder that?

    1. i have definatly have wondered about the truth in her writing but her writing is so fanatastic so i still read like a starved animal.
      Whether its fantasy or nonfiction only the blogger will know that's the thing about blogging its sometimes so secretive that's why i love it.
      Thanks for your great comment!

  3. Preciosas fotos.Siempre que entro en tu blog me espero algo especial como esto.Besos guapa.

  4. gorgeous pics
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