Monday, October 15

To Be Number 5

In this post i am going to compare fashion to Perfume.
You must watch the above video to understand all of the below. 

Chanel No.5 
A perfume with a simple name and an even simpler scent. In this Day and age perfume blankets over a women. As the great Coco Chanel once spoke "A women's perfume with a women's scent" meaning that a women should have a perfume that goes with her natural scent. No.5 pairs together with a women's sent making a natural feminine scent. Something we have not been seeing lately among the modern scents that just cover a women like a layer masking her natural scent. 
Today's perfumes are so strong when you walk by Abercrombie you can smell the perfume seeping out of the test samples. 
Perfume now a days is too focused on an image, too focused on appealing to someone too focused on making you believe if you wear this your going to appeal to the opposite sex. This just ends up smelling fake and grotesque. 
It bites at your nose, a bad perfume, leaving a sting in the inside of your nostrils, a sting tainted with that foul odor. 

Now onto the bottle. 
No.5's bottle is a simple rectangular shape, it's attractive, It's timeless. It is lacking the modern touch of the perfume bottle we have become accustomed towards, a flower with the bottle representing the stem (ahem JB) and it does not have a bunch of trinkets encasing the cap representing different moments in life (ahem Miss.Swift). All these "modern" bottles look cheap not as flawless as Number 5's bottle. 
The Name even is simple not hinting what lays beneath. The name has no deep meaning it is named because it was the 5th sample the one Coco Chanel chose it even has some mystery inside the name.  Did Chanel name it No.5 due to 5's luck giving qualities?   

Now let's stride towards the main topic: 
How is high fashion and perfume linked together? 

Fashion now a days does not vary much from perfume. Now a days when we look at street style pictures we see people fight to get noticed wearing more outrageous stuff then the next person it makes them look cheap.This reminds me of cheap perfume because perfume fights to be recognized there "overwhelming" scent wants to guide more people towards liking them. And in fashion isn't the simple people we remember the Audrey's and the Coco Chanel's for having a style that is simple but yet complex to achieve. Much like Number 5. Number 5 has a complex mysterious formula, that is hard to achieve, hidden underneath its plain and clear wrapper it does not play all its cards and leaves its full scent behind (enough room for the women's scent). Street style now a days plays all its cards like a cheap perfume. 

Chanel No.5 has resists the whims of fashion and who in fashion does not want to be timeless. 


  1. i have chanel mademoiselle and I LOVE IT SMELLS SO GOOD!!

  2. I love Chanel number 5. I actually prefer the more summery light version of it though. The original is a bit heavy for me. xx

  3. Anonymous10/26/2012

    Of course chanel number five seems timeless to you, its a square. Shapes ARE timeless. Nothing really complex, a Wallgreens can sell a cheap perfume in a square bottle just like that and i BET u would have thought it was trash or something, right? I would. I just don't think you should "glorify" the bottle.