Thursday, October 18

The Tribe of the People Who Wear Wreaths

I grabbed the multi earth colored wreath from where it hung from a green strand. I placed it on my 2 day old braided head, ran into the bathroom where i began to pose for my reflection.
Earlier that day wearing my mustard tights and a jacket straight out of the Emerald City i knew something was missing from the look. I looked drab in my perfectly for the fall outfit i needed that punch in the gut. 
That wreath specially placed on the blue door in my house was that punch it matched my house and made me instantaneously a part of the people who wear weird things on there head club. 

recently i have became obsessed with over the top headbands. I'm not talking about those feathered headbands , I'm talking abut Meadham Kirchoff  spring 2011 crowns. 

Now you see what i am talking about. 

I have always have had a certain obsession over the headbands (due to me being a teenager and having to be self-conscious about everything, including my hair) but as i have said before i want need the big stuff now. 

So you might be asking me right now at this point in the post
"What the hell is the point to this post?" 

Well its not just about showing how much i love wreaths placed on top of my head. 
No this post is for  cry towards you the,reader 

To go out there, be weird and place weird stuff on your head 

so go out there, dear reader, and put some fall wreath on your head, or maybe some nice kitchen utensils .
And if you have the excuse that you have nothing funny or immature to place on your head then, Dear Reader, I provide you this tutorial on how to glue stuff onto a headband to make the above beauties.

Isn't it funny how there are some people out there in the world making people take action and stop Cancer while i sit at my computer telling people to put weird stuff on there head. 

Now i will conclude this post with some useful inspiration highlighting weird head wear.


  1. Hey! I came back to Blogspot!! Also: love the tights...where'd you get them?

  2. oh autumn woodland cleo, you look glorious!

  3. dont be suprised if i come to your house at midnight and steal that dress