Monday, October 22

What to Be

source: The Sartorialist 
I made a post a couple of weeks back, this one, where i talk about growing up.
Though i don't know what exact occupation i want to achieve when i get older (who does your life would be to predictable) but what i do know is that i want to achieve a certain
The person above, whom ever she might be, embodies this "look". 
To her perfectly swept back hair (cut in a blond bob)
To the jacket placed perfectly over one shoulder.
While drawing what she sees in a journal filled with poetic thoughts, she waits in a cafe for the waiters who know her name but never call her by it, to deliver her one coffee, dark and bitter.
She is the kind of women who can carry a white i- phone while wearing all black.
The kinda women who can sweep back her hair while holding a coffee and not spill it.
And the kind of women who looks messy while staying clean.
She is the kinda of women i want to be when I grow up, wearing hints of brass jewelry and having a face you can both imagine a hard core stare and a wicked smile on.
But i can never be that women because I'm not a women (yet)
I love wearing frilly dresses (still) and my notebooks are filled with doodles not deep thoughts
And my character, oh my character, is too naturally friendly and to colorful with a hidden wallflower personality.
I love all my traits but a girl can dream, can't she, about her future and who she will be.
oh and I don't like coffee.  


  1. want to be Baba!!!!! :)
    xo love your Baba

  2. cleo, i like who you are. i image whoever you will become will be grand. your writing is magnificent.

  3. Cleo, I really love this post. Its funny, bc I'm 25 now, the age where I believe you should feel like that woman you just described -but you know, I don't know that you ever see those particular things in yourself at least not in the present moment. Life is funny like that. But I'm still longing to be that woman that you described. Keep on doing what you do :) xo

  4. I really like your blog it's so unique! I'm your new follower hope you can follow back :)