Monday, October 29

what do we have against flats

I grab the 3 inch high booties with the studs running up towards the top. 
It's like an instinct.
Grabbing the heels

I have ugly scar tissue, where blisters used to be, running down the back of my heel.
There cause
Why as, women, do we surrender to the ultra high painful heel.
Now i invite you to take a look at the picture below.
What shoes do you think the women are wearing
flats, heels,

When i first saw this post on The Glamourai i was shocked. 
The post was titled 
"Evenings in Paris."
That sorta title is normally associated with evening dresses, dark mysterious make up, a clutch, and the icing on the cake a pair of black stilettos, 
but in these photos of The Glamourai's  "Evenings in Paris" 
the much preferred black heels are replaced by a pair of sparkly 

I was shocked i had to scroll up and down the page glancing at there pointed toes. 
why did i do that? I asked myself. 
"they're just wearing flats" 
But why is it that we see flats ever so decreasing from the formal parties, weddings, 
And why do we see heels getting higher and higher, more popular and popular, and blisters getting redder and redder. 
Why do we as a society choose the heel over the flat when it comes to "dressing up"?
Maybe we think flats look cheap. 
Maybe we're self conscious about our height, which is stupid? 
Maybe we think heels are more attractive?   
Well to answer all these assumptions just look at the picture above of the Glamourai even when wearing her Jimmy Choo flats she looks 
anything but cheap 
she looks tall but without looking like a sky scraper 
and she looks just as attractive as she would have with heels 

So I dare you abandon you heels and blisters at your next event where you have to "dress up"
and put a nice pair of flats on. 
And if your one of those people who has a bumper sticker that says
"the higher the heel the closer you are to god" 
then you need a.) some heel rehab, B) a nice pair of flats and c) some nice flatastic inspiration.


  1. True point.

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  3. Haha I loved reading this post.
    To wear flats to a next event would be such a challenge!
    From hats to heels