Monday, November 5


I just got back Internet yesterday. 
Damn Hurricane Sandy for depriving my teenage self from Internet for a week. 
And over the long dreadful week where i could not update my face book status i became inspired by all things that are before my time. 

Such as the artist Marcel Dyf. Who paints very old timey (if that's a word) portraits of his wife/model, Claudine who has inspired me to wrap a black ribbon in my hair. 
They emulate an old world of oil paintings and times when photos were non existent. 

I have also been recently inspired by a shoot done by Vogue entitled "The Custom of the Country" which is a re creation of novelist Edith Wharton's estate, The Mount. 
The shoot, photographed by Annie Leibovitz, featured very Victorian and lady like clothing including massive skirts done by the likes of Oscar De la Renta with stripe corsets paired with striking Louis Vuitton Jackets.
And all this photographed on an estate that when i get a little mula will most definitely become mine. 

Don't be surprised when you see me cascading down marble steps wearing an Alberta Ferretti chiffon dress while holding my lap dogs in either hands all while doing a Dr. Evil laugh.  

Please go to the American  Red Cross website to help people who suffered greatly from Hurricane Sandy. 


  1. I LOVE Annie Leibovitz! She is like god's gift to the world of photography omg!

  2. Saw this Vogue article when I bought my copy one (or maybe two?) months ago and was so inspired by it! Loved the classic taste that carried such elegance.