Monday, November 26

I Look Like a Wild Beast

Dress: vintage (or other wise known as something stolen from my aunt's closet) Pants: vintage hat: Francesca's Collection
First of all before i get into all that writing that most people don't read i have to say that the above pictures depict me in the most honest of lights. In real life i am not pulling off model poses like in the photos on this blog no i am usually running around and scaring the pants off people and just being my normal creeper self. 

Just had to get that out there.
A few days ago my mother and I were at a vintage store which was having a humongous sale We were scanning the racks glancing at the clothing that once belonged to rich housewives when we accidentally wandered into the fur section.
A whole section dedicated to floor length minks and furry goods made out of the chinchilla's expenses, Chinchillas, who would want to kill an chinchilla they are so damn cute.
So to get to the point my mom gave the fur a good old i hate you stare and a "come on, Sara, we don't like fur".
But (i am ashamed to say this) I came to the furs defense spatting one of my geeky facts that i usually get from the history channel (like did you know Hercules had a size 13 foot).
"Well mom buying vintage fur is an easy way to not be contributing to the fur industry," i said in my geeky i know something that you don't voice.
To explain this better let's look at the lovely pair of leather pants i am wearing in the above picture. They are vintage. I did not buy them so i technically did not contribute to the leather industry.
But to explain this a little bit better i will copy and paste a quote from the blog Disarming Darling which explains this way better then i do and with much more rage (she was responding to a hater's comment).

"Vintage leather was originally purchased new by someone, meaning that they supported the leather industry with said purchase. "

 "So do you think every single time someone purchases that used leather item from a thrift/vintage store the money goes to supporting the leather industry, or does it go to the THRIFT STORE or VINTAGE STORE that it came from, promoting small businesses and usually the humanitarian deeds that thrift stores use their money towards? Buying second-hand simultaneously rejects the horrifying production of new clothing, which usually involves children and severely underpaid adults slaving over your $12 Forever 21 jacket. How's that for some fucking LOGIC?" 

So this got me thinking even though you are not contributing directly to the leather/ fur industry what happens if someone sees your pants think they look good and then they go and buy real leather pants for themselves. In some alternate universe you are technically contributing to the leather goods/ fur goods industry.

BUT anyway ignore that last point it was just a rambling of a girl who is always trying to make insightful thoughts and has just managed one meager one.
But the point of this post is don't buy real fur. 

And now for some insightful facts that will make you go vegan when it comes to clothes.
fact sources: and   

-Ranch-raised foxes are kept in cages only 2.5 feet square (minks in cages 1-foot-by-3-feet), with up to four animals per cage.

-Animals can languish in traps for days. Up to 1 out of every 4 trapped animals escapes by chewing off his or her own feet, only to die later from blood loss, fever, gangrene, or predation.

-According to a study by the Ford Motor Company, it takes almost three times as much energy to make a coat from trapped animals' pelts--and 40 times as much from ranch-raised furs--than it does to make a fake fur coat.

- Fur “farms” or “ranches” are not humane alternatives to trapping. The terms are euphemisms used by the fur industry to describe confinement facilities in which fur-bearing animals are caged and killed. Currently, there are no federal laws providing protection for the millions of animals held in these factory-like farms.

OK so just don't buy fur. (but i think after reading those facts all you will be thinking about when you see a fur coat is the dying animal that paid its life just to keep the Olsen twins warm). 


  1. sara, i actually DO read what you write. :) i buy most of my leather shoes 2nd hand. your dress is lovely. i like how you paired it with the pink scarf, fun hat, & mixed it up with your new to you 2nd hand leather pants. i see no wild beast in these photos.

  2. Wow nice leather pants! And your hair is amazing :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, dear <3

  3. Trust me, I learned so much about animal cruelty and abuse and that turned me vegetarian (only for 19 days, but you know...once I stop growing and all I'll go back to vegetarianism ;)). Totally against the usage of fur - go faux! (See? That rhymed!)

    1. Well you beat me on the vegetarian thing i was a veggie for a day. The day after that day i had pork dumplings. For me i will always feel sad for eating another living thing but its the circle of life and crabs taste really good. it just pisses be off that innocent animals die to make a fashion statement and it also pisses me off the way we treat animals before they are killed for their fur. I mean 20 animals in a cage before they are slaughtered, how awful and cruel.

  4. I think you look really cutee instead of looking like a beast! :D
    So agree with your take on buying fur. I don't think it's worth sacrificing a life for fashion.

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