Saturday, November 24

The Sneaker Trend

Recently, ever since seeing pictures on style bubble's Susie Bubble wearing some Nike during fashion week i have been noticing the sneaker popping up more and more in street style pics.
  I kinda of like it; women throwing away the old stiletto in favor of there ratty converse from high school. 
I like that we have finally noticed that Paris is made of cobble stone streets and that practically none of us can avoid the inevitable heel in the crack. 
Once when at a party my friend wore Uggs with her formal red dress. It was an odd look that was accompanied with one, head to toe look i gave her that said: "really". She said that she had received a foot injury while playing soccer and she showed me her bandaged foot which was evidence that she was not blind when she chose her outfit that morning it was just that she did not want to be limping the whole time.
But i can't help feeling that same weird feeling that something does not belong with that when ever i see someone trying to pull off the old sneaker with dress look. 
I mean when an edgy girl like Kristen Stewart wears a ratty pair of converse with her Balenciaga mini dress no one really bats their eyes because its Kristen Stewart; its her signature style to wear a pair of converse with a fancy dress. 
But when i see someone so high in fashion that Stockholm Streetstyle feels the need to photograph them. I feel that weird feeling again as if those two things don't belong together. I feel more like this is just a sneaker fad that was brought on by the iconic Isabel Marant sneaker wedge. 
Maybe i am getting this weird feeling because i have not adjusted into the Nike with lace dress thing. But the more and more i see the sneaker appearing paired with the weirdest of formal attire the more i think this is all a trend and that women have finally given into comfort after years of saying "if it looks good I'll endure it."
But either way i am glad that they have noticed that the heel is painful and when one wears a heel they look like they are waddaling.


  1. i don't know if i like the sneaker with a fancy dress look, for myself, but if people wearing that makes them happy, then let them rock it. especially where your friend was hurt. personally if anything is painful or uncomfortable to wear, i donate it.

  2. I happen to think that a cook sneaker works well...I have a pair of madras classic Keds that so chic and comfortable and everyone asks...where did you get those cool sneakers?

    1. Well baba your whole wardrobe is based on comfort

  3. I love that people are finally respecting what their body needs: comfort. But I, too, feel a little weird when I see people wearing a fancy dress with a pair of Nikes.