Thursday, November 15

Do they ever learn

I bleached half my hair.
And then decided to act like a grungy human being that's better then everyone. 

"As a Native Women [sic], I want to share how disappointed I am in your lack of Cultural respect of traditional sacred items and our women in general. Native women have the highest rate of sexual related murder on the continent. Thank you for further promotion of this violent act against our women!!"
-Commenter Jacqueline C. Wachell on the latest Victoria Secret scandal.

At the latest Victoria Secret show, which was "calender" themed,
 Karlie Kloss was chosen as a November "Angel" She played a "native American" in cheetah print underpants and bra (the cheetah is not even indigenous to America). 
What were they thinking you ask.

What are they ever thinking when they put a non native American women into a Native American traditional headpiece and along with it,  sexy lingerie. Do they just think
"No we will definitely not get whiplash for this."
and this is not even the first time, its like ever single season fashion comes up with a new form a racism to strut down the runway, like earlier this year Dolce and Gabbana.
and what pisses me off even more is that this is not the first time VS has been charged with racism accustions back in September VS came under fire for releasing a "Sexy Little Geisha" get up that received an equal amount of "feed back".
And I ask once again do they ever learn.
This is september people it was just a few months ago.
And now i ask why is fashion so prone to rascism.
I mean how hard is it to just look at what you are presenting to people and think
"huh maybe that can be offensive" 
and how hard is it to throw some diversity among the models in the shows while your at it.

Next year you i bet you anything the November section of there calender issue they'll feature an African Americain women wearing a brassiere with the words Friday on it, and with VS shopiping bags in her hands, they'll call it
Black Friday.    


  1. Wow; so disrespectful to Native American people!

    On another note, love your look, and how did you edit the last photo?

  2. sara, i like the attitude, outfit, & hair. no, i don't think they will ever learn. i wonder if they like the controversy? or are they just insensitive? i hope VS doesn't do the black friday thing, but if they do, you called it.

  3. Perhaps stirring controversy is part of the attention scheme? It seems to be getting too far though, and a complete disrespect to cultures.

    More deets on your dress!


  4. Anonymous11/19/2012

    hey sara!
    i love your blog but...
    i need your opinion on something,
    do you think that it is right to judge someone by their choice of clothes, boring or not? whats different between the 2? u dress crazy and too much, to say the least, and some girls dress simple and maybe borrrinngg. why would people who r, lets say who over dress, judge girls who r just simple?
    -tamar (making blog soon)

  5. i agree with you 100 million %! it's so disrespectful and rude. but i love your hair!