Tuesday, November 20

On Dressing.

hey Sara!
i love your blog but...
i need your opinion on something,
do you think that it is right to judge someone by their choice of clothes, boring or not? whats different between the 2? u dress crazy and too much, to say the least, and some girls dress simple and maybe borrrinngg. why would people who r, lets say who over dress, judge girls who r just simple? 
-Tamar (making blog soon)

Dear Tamar,

First of all the second you start that blog send me the link i would love to check it out (and good luck starting it as well).

Well instead of choosing to answer you question via email or follow up comment i decided to answer this question in a post because the question is something i have personally dealt with and have a lot to say about.
Well the difference with one who overdresses to one who does not can be counted upon by ones layers if you have more then 5 layers on, then either its really cold out or you over dress.
An over dresser can also be a person who cares way to much about how they dress or they over dress for the occasion (ex. formal attire to school). Examples of over dressers can be Anna Dello Russo  to Anna Piaggi (R.I.P.)
A simple dresser, or a under dresser, is a person whose style is more main stream.
They don't care as much about high fashion but they still can love fashion in general.

In my opinion it is wrong to judge a person on however they dress because no matter how simple they dress its still a means of self expression. poop. And when you insult someones "self expression" they tend to get hurt.
 But i think the reasons why girls who "over dress" judge girls who "under dress" can be one of five reasons.

1. The "over dresser" wants to be superior to everyone so they insult people as simple as that (this is a personality problem that happens to every sort of person).

2. Another reason could be that the girl feels that she wants to be excluded because she wants to feel special and all that wonderful shit and by pointing out that people dress simpler then her means that means that they are boring and she's interesting.

3.  The third reason is that the girl feels that she is all alone in the world so maybe if she just makes people feel like how they are dressing is to simple then maybe they will dress like her and she will not feel as alone. (this right here is the great making of a Disney movie).

4. Now this over dresser may be feeling bad and pissy at the world so don't blame the words that come out of the girl blame the stupid hormones.

5. You have to also understand that many people like the style of the one who is overdressing but not always.
I am probably a perfect example.
For every 5 complements i get about how i dress i get one insult.
And for me insults like "you're so weird" stick in my head more then "i love this whole outfit".
And now to get to the point. The over dresser may be thinking that the under dresser has it easy, because they don't get ridiculed as much, but to make the over dresser feel better she might lash out in ways so the under dresser knows how bad he/she feels.

I did once judge a girl on dressing simple and boring because that's a reflex for us weirdos we insult not as weird people by calling them out on being not as weird as us (which makes no sense because usually its the other way around).
But if you want to know why i said the insults about being "too" simple to the girl
it was reason #4 (of course them damn hormones) and a bit of #5 but we won't get into that.
When it comes to teenage girls just blame those hormones.

I hope this answers your question.



  1. hehe i know who this is about

  2. interesting thoughts!


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  4. wow! wise words dear sara. i'm trying to figure out if i'm an overdresser or underdresser or both or neither. don't tell me! i'd prefer not knowing someone else's opinion on the subject. ;)

  5. Anonymous6/02/2013

    You can't just judge people's clothes and how they dress all the time and just blame it on hormones.