Saturday, November 10

Snowy Days

I love days where there is a bright luminous light breaking through your window. 
A light so pure, so white, so cold, and so ever not like those warm sun rays. 
I love those days when snow makes a white cold light break through your window.
"She has made me in love with a cold climate, and frost and snow, with a northern moonlight."

-Robert Southey  

Vintage dress Red Valentino, Yellow undershirt J.crew, necklace vintage, shoes Nasty Gal + Jeffery Campbell


  1. love the dress!

  2. i like the mix of autumn & winter with the snow on the yellow leaves. cleo, i like your hair, your outfit, & your attitude. :) winning post!

  3. lovely photos! would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  4. i really adore this outfit! ah, i am jealous of the snowy weather you have there!

    lindsey louise