Wednesday, March 7

Why I Love Planet Blue

Bug Eyes (I soooo want them)

Pictures from the "Where is My Mind", one of the many planet blue lookbooks. I love planet blue and this lookbook just give me another reason to love it . Planet blue feutures many of my favourite brands/desighners such as Free PeopleWILDFOX , One Teaspoon (which has awesome cut offs), LUV AJ (which feutures some of the most edgy yet feminine jewerly ever), and Jen's Pirate Booty. Planet Blue also does a lookbooks (like the one above) that are absolutly to die over. Each look book has a different feel to with a different theme, no two are the same. As for the ,"Where is my mind", the lookbook above I love it I spent an hour scrolling through the clothes feutured in the look book (I took an especially long time veiwing those bug eyed sunglasses feutured 4 pictures above).


  1. Lovely dear!

    Do you like mine?

    Follow each other?

    Kisses Elpi xx

  2. The top in the first picture is hot.

    Fashion Dawgs

  3. Anonymous3/08/2012

    Love this shoot! The girl is gorgeous