Wednesday, March 7

Why I Love Planet Blue

Bug Eyes (I soooo want them)

Pictures from the "Where is My Mind", one of the many planet blue lookbooks. I love planet blue and this lookbook just give me another reason to love it . Planet blue feutures many of my favourite brands/desighners such as Free PeopleWILDFOX , One Teaspoon (which has awesome cut offs), LUV AJ (which feutures some of the most edgy yet feminine jewerly ever), and Jen's Pirate Booty. Planet Blue also does a lookbooks (like the one above) that are absolutly to die over. Each look book has a different feel to with a different theme, no two are the same. As for the ,"Where is my mind", the lookbook above I love it I spent an hour scrolling through the clothes feutured in the look book (I took an especially long time veiwing those bug eyed sunglasses feutured 4 pictures above).


  1. Lovely dear!

    Do you like mine?

    Follow each other?

    Kisses Elpi xx

  2. The top in the first picture is hot.

    Fashion Dawgs

  3. Love this shoot! The girl is gorgeous