Wednesday, March 14

With spring flowers comes my B-day

Spring Has Come judging by these spring flowers on these petite trees 

looks like I am not wearing any pants (teehee)

loving this face

Just acting cool 

I swear that mood ring I am wearing is strangling my finger. No more suffocating rings for me (it took me an hour to take that thing off at least it could detect that my mood was very angry) 

Loving the pony tail holder hidden beneath all these "high end" bracelets 

Necklaces galore 

whacha wearing
Bag//H and M (Good alternative here)
cut off jean short shorts//gap (find some here)
red button down shirt//men's jcrew shirt (find an alternative here)

You might be looking at the above photos and be thinking OMG why is this whaco girl have short shorts on its march!! But hey the weather down in New Jersey is a perfect 70 degrees which happens to be the most perfect weather because your hemlines can go to super short lenghths yet you can be wearing layer and layers paired with ankle boots. But on other things besides the weather just a short 2 days ago was my birthday (sorry about the lack of post between my b-day and this) happy birthday to me!! And I have to say my b-day was a joyeus evet I got an awkard half spoken happy birthday song from my class mates in french and of course I got to ditch my studies for a day and go shoppin. Well now onto clothes I personally love this outfit it has this edgy urban cool quality but yet feminine touch with the dolly top and colorful necklace and that to me is my personal style. So Happy Pie day(and if you don't know anything about pie day cach up on math people)!



  1. Hi-
    I think this outfit is SO cute! I LOVE the fringe bag and the jewlery!!!

  2. like this look
    xx ali avenue