Saturday, March 17

Flowers, Dark lips, and Pink Hair


Well i am here to report about the new Wildfox pre-fall lookbook i have to say when i saw this lookbook i was not surprised its a typical wildfox lookbook but wait there's more (i know i have sunk down to a alltime low the use of  using those annoying TV comercial add phrases to get to my point). In this Wildfox pre-fall lookbook ,feuturing model Amanda Booth BTW, is based on 3 unique girls with 3 unique personalities and 3 unique powers. The 3 girls go by the names Cherie (the name suits her red hair) the gypsy who lives in Paris, the white hair witch Dahilia living in New York, and finally the pink haired Ella a fairy that habits LA. The 3 girls are based on a story written for Wild Fox by Franchesca Lia Block (you can read the story here). So now there is only one question to ask, Which unique girl are you? Are you Cherie the ever traveling gypsy, loving flowers she always dresses boho shique with nice loose layers. Or are you more Dahilia who is a spitting image of a bad girl from NYC but has a softer side that is showed through a velvet maxi dresses, Or (like me) you prefer the cute yet sassy Ella who has a bad girl side shown through spiked jewlry. I have to say i love Ella i am a sucker when it comes to pink hair. Chao!!


  1. Nice inspirational pics :)

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  2. Very cool post ! I have to agree with you, I am also Ella, something in between the bad girl and the super romantic girl and I am also a sucker for pink hair ! Kisses

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