Tuesday, March 6

Backstage NYFW and LFW


i see you 

Loving the finale of Burberry Prorsum (Its snowing indoors) 

did someone say bad hair day 

Can they see through those turtlenecks?

"Oh Me!" 

I know LFW and NYFW have passed by now and we have moved to the city of lights for PFW but I don't know I am still caught up with NYFW and LFW I know it sounds totally fashion missing, but there is just so much beauty and glamour being found in both NYFW and LFW especially in these backstage access shots from vogue. I love backstage shots they reveal the utter chaos that happens before a fashion show, the hair tangling, the swiping of make up, and of course the flying of fabric of clothes. So I hope you enjoyed these backstage shots from NYFW and LFW as much as I do.

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