Tuesday, March 27

Dear Peeps............

sorry about the blurriness i am not the one to usually take the  take photos for this blog 
So your currently viewing a very blurry image of my current resting place for the next well i don't know the next 4 days currently studying for some major tests (end of marking period teachers wanting to cram in some last minute tests on us )=). So if your not wandering why i ain't (i know i have gone western on you) blogging away(which is something i much rather be doing) its because i will be occupying that nice wooden chair, with a cushion that always spurts out a chorus of fart noises, for the next few days. So don't get worried i did not drop off the face of the earth (again) just studying until my eyes fall out of my sockets. Wish me luck because I'll need all the luck i can get to pass these exams (don't worry much to come after these tests)!!!! 

I wonder how numb your butt could get if you sit on that chair for 30 hours straight?

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  1. I'm in the same situation at the moment - I have 2 exams on tuesday :(
    your blog is a delight