Sunday, March 4

Weekend do: Make a Mood Board!!

almost lit myself on fire burning the edges of these papers.

The planner that turned into a mood board 

My dog took intrest in trying to destroy my mood board (what a kind fellow) 

A mood board is a collection of photos, pieces of fabric, or drawings that spark ideas to the maker of the mood board. mood boards are most commonly seen in fashion, a fashion designer makes a mood board to spark ideas for a collection. Me being the fashion designer wanna be that I am decided to make a mood board with a collection of photos from my favourite blogs, lookbooks, and just plain old photos that I took of myself (you can never have to many photos of yourself acting weird). I enjoyed getting my hands sticky and gluing a bunch of pictures that inspired me onto a planner (me being me couldn't find a notebook and anyway a planner makes me look like the exact thing I am not, an organized person).Making a mood board is a great way to kill a weekend and trust me you will feel that wave of accomplishment after making it and will be bragging to all your friends that you did not watch a real housewives marathon during your weekend but spent your time in a productive way, making a mood board. 


  1. thanks for your cmt. love the pics. your doggie is so cute!wish you a great start into the week!

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  2. Thanks somuch for your comment on my last post and to be my new follower! I follow you too!
    Have a great day!

  3. Anonymous3/06/2012

    I love your mood boards (though I confess I have a late night addition to Real Housewives....) xoxo Baba